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Wantage is a market town west of Didcot. We regularly find ourselves heading that way to unblock the drains of the town.


In the summer we attended the site of a domestic home. This house had a damp problem and the contractors tasked with fixing the problem had advised getting the drains checked. We sent out an engineer to conduct a CCTV survey of the lines to see if he could spot any problems. During the survey our engineer was able to find a buried manhole on site which was located and opened to check that it was clear; it was. We passed on our findings to the contractors as requested.


We went to another house later in the same season as there was a blocked toilet on the property. Upon inspection our engineer found 3 blocked drains; 2 of these blockages were on a shared line so would have affected more than one property. Our engineer used his high pressure water jetting unit to clear the blockage on the first two. The final blockage required rods as there were roots in the line which was causing an obstruction.


Right at the start of the year we received a call from the office of a primary school who needed us to come out as quickly as possible; the school was small and only had a limited number of toilets. We were able to get to site within an hour and a half. Our engineer had to work quickly and efficiently as he had to lift an internal manhole in the corridor. Once it was opened he used a mechanical cleaner to unblock the drain and get the system flowing again. Whilst the manhole lid was lifted he was able to reseat the rubber seal which had worn away, leading to bad smells wafting up from the underneath the cover. He fixed the seal and sorted the problem with the smells and unblocked the lines. The school were very pleased with our speedy attendance and how quickly and smoothly the engineer worked inside the building.