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Metro Rod had a call from THE MAGNET HOTEL IN WAKEFIELD, they were having issues with the outside drains. We advised to attend and carry out a CCTV, this would enable us to establish the cause of the blockage.

Our engineer attended site and high pressure water jetted the drains to ensure they were free from any debris he then carried out the CCTV. Once the CCTV had been carried out the engineer created a report on his findings. This was then brought into the office for our technical team to review in ‘live time’. This is so that we can give an accurate report on our findings. Our technical surveyor is qualified to identify and advise on any recommendations. Further recommendations were sent via e mail and on a disc to the customer so that they could see exactly where the issues was. It was unusual in that it needed a ‘double bend’, our Managing Director has been in the business for over 25 years and has never come across this.

We were given the authority to go ahead and carry out the repairs to the drains. Our engineer Mitch Singh was to complete this however as it was an unusual repair our Managing Director, Dave Carter attended with him. One bend can cause an issue, firstly the engineer needs to identify either a manhole or nearest point of entry to place the patch in the drain. It has to be guided into the correct place and on this occasion round not one bend but two. Once we are confident that the patch is in the right place we blow up the packer and leave it to set. Once the liner is ‘cured’ we would then trace to ensure the repairs are secure and no leaks. On this occasion there was other patches to repair but were straight forward compared with the double bend.

We have no reports of any further leakage since doing the repair this was an excellent opportunity for us to show exactly what we are capable of.

Eng: Mitch Singh