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Metro Rod help avoid flooding of town

Metro Rod provide a full range of drainage services, which can help to prevent the risk of flooding. Blocked drains, gullies and culverts need regular care and maintenance to ensure they do not become blocked. If left uncared for, build-up of silt and other debris can mean that they are unable to cope in periods of heavy rain and lead to extensive flooding. Metro Rod has extensive experience of helping to maintain drainage systems to help prevent future flooding, and of helping with the clear up when flooding does occur.

What was the job?

A County Council contracted Metro Rod to resolve recurring flooding problems in one of their towns, caused by a partially blocked culvert.


What did we do to help?

Our engineers deployed our tankers’ flow control, vacuum cleaning and High Pressure Water Jetting capabilities to remove 3 tonnes of solid waste from the culvert and provide a full clean which has resulted in no further flooding problems. 


Particular Highlights

This work took place in stages over a period of several months and involved the care of the 1000m long culvert, with diameter of up to 2m, and which had 250m between manholes at the furthest point. Working at times in confined space conditions, with due regard to stringent health and safety requirements, our engineers completed work to our customer’s complete satisfaction.