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Service you can trust

Metro Rod’s service is trusted by some of the biggest names on the High Street.

We’re proud to solve the drainage problems of major blue chip companies such as Mitie, JD Wetherspoon and BUPA.

They’ve identified that Metro Rod’s unbeatable combination of national standards and local service make us the UK’s leading business-to-business drainage contractor. We’re not just relied upon to provide full emergency drainage cover 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we’re also well-known for our efforts to make sure we solve every drainage crisis with the minimum of disruption to facilities, staff and customers.

Our customers can guarantee that they’re always our number one priority in any emergency, and we’re also on hand to provide cost-effective drain maintenance services to help keep emergencies at bay. What’s more, all our work is carried out to the highest industry standards of health and safety and customer satisfaction.

In their own words


"Showed concern for our shops needs"

We received a call from this client at a betting shop in Oxford to say that they needed us as their customer toilets were flooding from the pipework, so we headed off to sort it out.


We dispatched Brian to Oxford and he quickly got to work solving the problem. He found that all the sinks, urinals and toilets were blocked on site, with the exception of the staff facilities, so it was clearly something that needed fixing asap. He found that the facilities were backing up through the urinals as they were the lowest point. He used his kinetic ram to clear the blockage in the toilets, however this did not solve the issue with the sinks and urinals. For these he used his electro-mechanical cleaner on the 4 inch pipework after draining the pipework up stream. This remedied the problems and so he could tidy up and left the site clean and tidy.


The client had this to say about his work:

“Brian came to our shop to fix the toilets. Did a fast and very efficient job. Made us aware of all the problems and also showed concern for our shops needs and customers. Great service!”

Betting Shop in Oxford
longterm Metrorod Customer

blocked WC

We were called out to a property with a blocked WC, so we sent our engineer Tony out to clear it. He investigated the problem, which involved an upstairs toilet. It turned out the issue was caused by the toilet having a lack of fall towards the stack pipe; basically the gradient of the pipe which removes water towards the vertical stack pipe was not as steep as it could have been, which means the water pressure from the flush would need to be quite strong in order to compensate. Unfortunately the water pressure was not significant enough to make up for the lack of fall. These two effects combined meant that using too much paper would lead to blockages, and that in fact was what had happened.

Tony cleared the blockage and spent some time with the customer explaining exactly what the situation was and how to avoid it happening again. 

The client had this to say afterwards:

"Good all round advice on the do's and don'ts for keeping the system clear"

Mr Archer

Friendly and happy

We received a call before the holidays from a cinema in Oxford to come and check the toilet waste pipes. They wanted to ensure that the pipework was clean and clear before they hit a busy period when a toilet (or many) out of commission would be hardest felt. This is a very sensible way to treat the drainage in a business, as we can schedule planned maintenance around their opening hours in order to minimise any disruption to the working day. Naturally emergency work has to be done as soon as possible and so can be disruptive. 

So, we sent out Jonny and Curtis to attend site early in the morning before the cinema opened in order to check the waste pipes. As it happens, there was a significant build up of scale in some of the pipes. Scale build up is a very common factor in waste pipes and even a small amount can cause problems, as it can narrow the diameter of the pipe or it can cause paper to get stuck, leading to a blockage. The cinema were right to have called us, as Jonny and Curtis were able to clear the scale from the pipes using the Portable High Pressure Water Jetter. They ensured the scale was removed and then tested the flow to ensure it was free flowing, which it was. They then cleaned and disinfected their working area. 

When they had arrived on site, it was reported to them that there was a blocked toilet which they were asked to clear as well as the initial job. Naturally they were more than happy to unblock this toilet in addition to their descale task. 

The customer had this to say about them:

"Very efficient. Friendly and happy to fix other issues!"

Well done guys! And remember, PPMs (planned preventative maintenance) can be scheduled in to suit your work needs and can be booked as a one off or set up as a recurring clean and clear, whether that be annual, bi-annual or even monthly. 

Cinema in Oxford