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Giant 'fatberg' Blocks Drain in London

Giant 'fatberg' damages drain in London !

A 130 tonne ''fatberg' was discovered in East London, blocking and destroying the drain. 

Works have begun by Thames Water for the removal of the 'fatberg'. Thames Water is continuing to inform the public about the importance of properly disposing fat, grease and wipes. Instead of pouring it all down their sinks, this results in the creation of 'fatbergs' due to the fatty content cooling and hardening in the sewers. Thus becoming a huge problem for all, because the 'bergs' will grow in size and cause damage to drains leading to frequent blockages. 

Any worries you may have regarding fat hardening in your drain systems. Give MetroRod a call to arrange for a CCTV Survey to be carried out in your drains, giving you an insight of the current state and health of your drains.