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Happy Homes

Metro Rod and Metro Plumb had a busy summer, and we hope that you all had a good one too. We have been working hard and keeping busy on drainage and plumbing projects from leaking taps to full site surveys for large industrial factory facilities. We also have some exciting news, we have another vehicle on the road to cover the Norfolk area.

Now the children are back at school, talk of Christmas is in the air and the leaves are starting to change colour we must also think about the cooler and wetter weather. With this in mind have you experienced damp and mould spores in your property at all? Surface cleaning will remove the unsightly marks but have you investigated why there may be damp present? One of the possible causes for damp is damaged pipes and tree roots. Here at Metro Rod we can send one of our friendly, qualified and experienced engineers along to take a look and conduct a CCTV survey of your drains and repair the damage for you, removing 'the root cause' of the problem (excuse the pun). Further details of this and our full range of services can be found on our website or simply call us on 01508 535127 to talk some more.