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One evening Metro Rod had been called out to the Calderdale Royal Hospital in Halifax as they were having issues with blocked drains.


Our on call engineer at the time was sent to the hospital to carry out High Pressure Water Jetting to attempt to clear the blockage allowing the pipes to free flow again reducing the risk of any more blockages. When the High Pressure Water Jetting had been completed the engineer discovered that they would need access to the room to try and clear the blockage. This was an issue because there was a patient currently in the room which would need evacuating to allow us to return in the morning allowing time for the patient to be relocated.


When returning in the morning after the patient had been relocated for health and safety reasons. The engineer used his camera equipment to carry out a ‘look-see’ within the pipe to be able to investigate what is causing the blockage, as the ‘look-see’ was being carried out up the pipes the engineer had discovered a buried manhole under a shrubbery that could be used to get further down the lines.


After the manhole, had been uncovered the camera was used to look up the branch pipe discovering that a pair of pyjama bottoms had caused the drains to block. We carried out further High Pressure Water Jetting to remove the blockage allowing the drains to be free flowing again.


Before the engineer had left site, he ensured that of all lines were clear and free flowing.


Eng: Karl Streets / Terry Moore