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A quick reference guide for you!

We’ve created this simple reference guide to the vast array of services that we provide at Metro Services Group (Oxon & West Bucks)

In 1999 when we began, our operation was small. It comprised of a two-person team, one in the van, one in the office. We’ve since grown vastly, to encompass bother guttering and plumbing with Metro Vac and Metro Plumb and to meet the demands of this extra work we have a 4 person office based team and 6 drainage engineers and plumbing technicians out on the road. These roads now take us beyond Oxfordshire into West Bucks and East Gloucestershire.

To keep all our services straight and easy to navigate for our customers, we’ve created this nifty reference guide for you to keep. You can either save or print it out yourselves, or if you want you can contact us by phone or email and we will send it to you along with any other information you might require.

We hope you like it and that if you have a problem you think of us so that we can come and solve it for you!