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A reference guide for you!

We’ve created this clever reference guide to the multitude of services that we provide at Metro Services Group (Oxon & West Bucks)

We began our operation in 1999 when we had one man in a drainage van driving around Oxfordshire and one more person in the office, manning the phones and handling all the paperwork and finances. Since then we have grown a lot, acquiring a further 3 office based staff and a further 5 drainage engineers and plumbing technicians and we are no longer only confined to Oxfordshire; we now cover West Buckinghamshire and East Gloucestershire, too!

In fact, we have expanded so much, that we deemed it pertinent to create this reference guide of what we can do for you. You are free to save this to your computer or print it out to keep, or if you would like more information you can email or phone us and we can send out a hard copy along with any other information you might require.

We hope that you like it and that you remember us whenever you have a problem that we can solve for you.