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Witney is a town on the banks of the river Windrush, which is located halfway between Oxford and the border with Gloucestershire. It is a town that we travel to frequently in order to complete jobs.


One job we completed for Witney Fire Station involved attending to a blocked sink, which required unblocking with a mechanical device and then a tidy up using the WetVac. We successfully cleared the blockage and restored the flow.


On another occasion we attended a care home in Witney as they had a blocked drain at the front of the building. Our engineer used his High Pressure Water Jetting unit to clear the blockage and restore the flow.


Earlier this year we found ourselves at Standlake, where we had to use our combi unit on a drain compacted with fat and grease. This means we were able to use the jetting unit to dislodge the build-up of fat and grease, but then we used the suction vacuum to remove the blockage from the line, thereby ensuring that there would be no further problems.