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Young minds working ‘on’ the business - (Franchising Case Study)

Metro Rod is something of a family business for the Witcomb family.

Colin Witcomb joined Metro Rod in 2006, and was assisted by his son who was 16 years old at the time. Ben became a Director of the franchise in 2012, taking over the business development and management.


Although the franchise was already established, since Ben’s leadership began, the business has gone from strength-to-strength, showing a massive 209% growth in overall sales in just 3 years.


In particular, Ben’s focus on growing his local commercial sales has proven to be highly profitable, with own-generated business sales increasing by 357%, to become the largest part of the franchise’s turnover.


Ben said, “I love what I do and am driven to succeed. At the same time I have recognised that passion without organisation and focused implementation is not enough.


I have built a team in the franchise office which works alongside me ON the business, as opposed to the traditional model of the franchisee working IN the business, as a quasi-engineer. This has enabled me to develop the marketing and business development function which has driven much of our growth and to maintain effective operational controls notwithstanding rapid growth.


My core team of 3 are all under 30 giving us a positive, youthful outlook and good blend of technical and commercial experience. As business has expanded I have added to this team to ensure that we retain capacity for proactive marketing activity.”