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Take the plunge to sink blockages

Chemical drain cleaners are among the most dangerous household products available off the shelf from almost any supermarket or DIY store. The chemical formulas are meant to dissolve grease, soap, hair, and food waste found in domestic drains.  Mixing drain cleaners with other common household cleaners, especially those that contain ammonia, can cause a chemical reaction of gases, which could be harmful if inhaled.  Chemical drain cleaners can also cause internal damage to joint seals causing the pipe to leak.

Mechanical drain cleaners are almost universally used safe, effective, fast acting, in expensive, and environmentally friendly methods to clear common drain blockages. Our advice is to invest a few pounds in a quality plunger for pushing and pulling blockages loose on the cheap. Place the rubber end of the plunger over the sink drain air tight then fill the sink with water a few inches above the rubber plunger With a bit physical strength vigorously push and pull the plunger until the blockage is forced free. The plunger method unblocks most basic household sink blockages with out the use of chemicals. The plunger method can be used on kitchen sink blockages, bath & shower blockages, wash hand basin sinks. Plungers can be used to clear blocked toilets proving your plunger has a suitable plunge head and long handle.

With more stubborn difficult blockages the problem likely lies farther down the line and would require the use of a drain snake or electro mechanical springs to reach the blockage. Employing a professional drain cleaning service such as Metro Rod Edinburgh is recommended. Be sure to tell them if you’ve used chemical cleaners so as the drain cleaning operator can take the necessary safety precautions to avoid a chemical burn.

Call Metro Rod to clear to toilet, sink or drain blockages in Edinburgh