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Someone very close to our hearts will need a bone marrow transplant in the near future. As it stands now we don’t have a bone marrow match. Only 30% of people needing a transplant will have a related donor and the other 70% will rely on the kindness of a stranger to save their life. Our only hope will be from someone who has been registered to donate their bone marrow or stem cells, yet only 2% of the UK population are registered as donors.
Bone marrow donors aren’t that easy to find and we are trying to get more people to register with the view to hopefully being able to help my friend or someone in the same situation in the future.

My friend is in her 30’s and has a baby and a 3-year-old, she needs your help, she needs to come home to her children and be a mummy again.

How can you help?

If you are between 17-55 and in good health, then your eligible and its very easy to register

Click on the link https://www.dkms.org.uk/en and register your details and you will be sent a swab kit at home. This is easy to use and takes minutes.

Once your swabs are received, they will be analysed and added to the UK stem cell registry in an anonymised form. Your details will then be part of blood stem cell donor searches for people all over the world who need a genetic match to get a second chance at life.

You could be a potential match for my friend or for someone else in need of your help

Thank you so much for taking the time to read.



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