Our amazing team left at the early hour of 6.30am this morning from Ilfracombe to set off on their journey that will take them 26 miles across the Bristol Channel. They are estimated to be rowing for between 14-16 hours before reaching their final destination in Wales.
We have recently received a sunshine filled update with our determined rowers taking in the blue skies and seas for the afternoon. It’s wonderful to see how incredible our team is and we are all cheering these guys on throughout the day.

The “I Can and I Am” Somerset based charity helps support many young people whose lives are difficult in many different ways. Part of the charities work is to help young people find employment, which at Metro Rod Bristol is an initiative we are happy to support and offer more roles to those needing to join the employment ladder.

A wonderful cause that we all feel extremely passionate about and cannot wait to hear more updates from our team!