Linda, David, and Stephen Oakes – Metro Rod Franchise Owners – Cumbria Territory

Linda and David’s Story:

Linda and David had made a modest success of their family drainage company, but although they had a good reputation among their clients, the couple couldn’t see how they could grow much further. Their “one man and a van” operation made it difficult for them to compete for larger contracts, and the long hours they worked left them little time to devote to marketing or expansion. As occasional sub-contractors to Metro Rod Cumbria, they could see the advantage of a strong brand name and national support network. So, when the opportunity arose to invest in the franchise, they knew they could build their business to the level they dreamed of.

The Franchise:

The change gave Linda and David new business opportunities that they could never have achieved on their own. Immediately, they were working on contracts for major High Street names under the firm’s Key Accounts programme. Together with Metro Rod’s valuable technical support, financial advice and a national marketing presence, within seven months turnover had doubled, and today the couple employ five engineers, whilst two family members help run the busy office.

In Their Own Words:

“Becoming Metro Rod Cumbria was simple and painless. Metro Rod took on our existing customer base and enabled us to continue servicing them, whilst introducing us to important new clients including Hilton Hotels, BUPA and JD Wetherspoons, which we never could have got without
Metro Rod’s support.”