Cities are bustling, thriving areas. Most of us live in close proximity to a city and rely on these areas to provide employment, retail and leisure opportunities.


We are very lucky in this part of the UK to have such a historic city as Chester. You may have seen our previous article all about the ancient drains of Chester. If not, take a look here!


But what about the modern drains of Chester? With the city a whole lot busier than Roman Times, the network has been expanded and modernised to suit the cities needs. Chester is thriving with local and chain businesses. From clothing stores to coffee shops to restaurants to hotels to bars. You name it Chester has it!


With all these businesses in the city centre alone, just think how many toilets there are! Chester, according to the last census, has 79,000 residents in the locality of the City Centre, postcodes CH1-CH4. That a lot of people needing to use facilities at all times of the day! Chester is host to a number of events across the year, form the famous Chester Races to the Christmas Markets whereupon thousands more people flock to the city.


So when things go wrong, a blockage in a toilet or drain, we at Metro Rod Deeside are proud to be serving the residents and business owners of Chester!

From large chains restaurants and stores to independent coffee shops, we are there 24/7 for you!

For restaurants and eateries, we have the capabilities to manage your grease trap systems. From emptying them on a systematic basis to installing new FatBusters! We’re also able to help you create a bespoke Pre-Planned Maintenance plan to ensure all your facilties, including urinals and toilets are flowing freely.

We know that in a busy City Centre, ensuring your business day runs smoothly is of a top priority. So, the last thing you need is to have no use of your facilities for your customers and staff!

For businesses and homes alike we are able to provide 24 hour emergency call outs for anything ranging from blocked toilets and urinals to leaking taps and sinks.

Take a look below to see what services we can offer to not only the city of Chester, but North Wales and Wirral too!

Pre-Planned Maintenance – ideal for businesses, we can create a bespoke programme to suit your business needs, including grease trap management.

Drain Repair – In the event your home or business drains are damaged, we are able to provide a multitude of solutions to repair this.

24/7 Emergency Call Outs – No matter the time of day, we have dedicated on call staff ready to take your call and assign you an engineer to clear those blocked drains!

Metro Vac – Blocked or leaking gutters? No problem, our Metro Vac technology allows us to clear them from ground level, negating the need for cumbersome and expensive scaffolding or high level machinery.

Tanker Services – larger businesses will benefit from our Tanker services, with a larger capacity for waste in the drains and often increased levels of waste being circulated in them, a Tanker is perfect for the job!

CCTV Surveys – our CCTV surveys are a great way for us to inspect the condition of the drains in your business or home, without the need to dig up around the pipework.


Chester, we are here for YOU! use our contact details below to start your journey in working with your local drainage experts!


Are you in need of a reliable and efficient drainage or plumbing solution? Metro Rod Deeside can help you and your businesses or homes with our drainage and plumbing services! Check out our contact details below!

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Metro Rod Deeside operate 24/7 and calls will always be answered directly by an experienced on call manager who can start diagnosing any drainage problems. Our on call manager will also assign you to an engineer who can be on site within a matter of hours. We operate throughout North Wales, including Anglesey, Chester and Wirral areas. We’re able to deal with problems such as;

  • Blocked drains (internal or external)
  • Sink, urinal and mainline drain blockages
  • CCTV surveys of drainage systems
  • Tanker Services
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Robotic Cutting
  • Drain repairs – no dig or excavations
  • Preventative maintenance