The average house price in South East  in 2017 was £395,401, based on those house values, a standard Home Buyers report or a Building Survey could range between £600 and £1,300. Already the cost of surveying and buying a home is on the expensive side, but it is so also important to check the drains.

Our price for a CCTV survey starts at £180+VAT. You will receive a DVD of the footage we have captured in your drains and an extensive report detailing any problems spotted, along with recommendations on how to resolve any issues.

Given that substantial work to repair drainage can run into the thousands, it is well worth finding out beforehand if this might be the case for your future property as you could possibly negotiate a reduction in the price of the purchase in light of this information. Moving home can be a stressful time, let us eliminate the possibility of having blocked sinks & toilets.

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