News Just How Important Is Safety To Us?

Safely providing 24 hour drain services in Swindon and surrounding areas including Marlborough, Faringdon and Wootton Bassett, Whether you need your drains relined or you need an inspection of your drain system using our CCTV cameras.

At Metro Rod before starting a job we make sure that we have completed a risk assessment valuation of the task at hand and the location, along with ensuring we have barriers and other safety equipment. With safety being our top priority when engineers are on site, they consider all possible obstacles that may deter them from working in a safe and controlled environment. Because Metro Rod specialise in a variety of disciplines of the drainage industry, special care and consideration has to be taken when providing service to customers. When water jetting – a barrier is erected with signs informing the general public of the procedure that is underway. However, with different jobs and tasks different safety measures have to be taken into consideration. Our engineers are fully trained in the proper safety procedures in drain unblocking services and drain systems replacements.