Why choose the Metro Rod Apprenticeship Scheme?


The apprenticeship in drainage inspection, maintenance and repair has been designed specifically for Metro Rod.


An industry first, it focuses solely on drainage and plumbing, and has been built exclusively for Metro Rod and accredited by The Institute of Training & Occupational Learning (ITOL). The programme consists of 37 internal courses and 12 external courses to make it the most comprehensive apprenticeship within the drainage industry.


  1. Working for a local depot

You will be directly involved in a local depot, being mentored by one of our 370 drainage technicians and the business owner. Each business within the Metro Rod network shares common values:



To their employees and to the local community.


To create strong personal bonds with all employees.


To offer employees structure in their working life and career.


  1. Working with a national brand

Not only do we have the advantages of having over 40 local depots, but Metro Rod is also a powerful national brand that aims to grow both the business and the employees that are part of it.


We offer an extensive national support system and access to drainage experts to learn from. You may start as an apprentice, but you will be given an opportunity to further your technical capabilities and all round business knowledge, from marketing and sales, to people and operational management.

What will you learn?

Phase 1 / Foundation:

This will take 3 months and will consist of you getting to know Metro Rod and its business activities as well as completing a number of Foundation Courses that are vital for you to pass before you can proceed to phase 2.

Phase 2 / Skill development:

This phase will take 18 months and you will learn the 38 core skills that are required to become a professional Drainage Engineer. You will receive formal training in each skill area and you will need to prove your competence, both practically and theoretically.

Phase 3 / Consolidation & Assessment:

You will develop skills as you learn and earn with the final 3 months of the apprenticeship focused on demonstrating your competence to be accredited as a qualified drainage maintenance and repair engineer.