For all your tanker requirements

6th August 2018 - in Stafford, Stoke-on-trent, Wolverhampton, Worcester

How vacuum tankers work- Water is sucked through a 4โ€ hose into a tank in the back of the vehicle....

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Your Property and Why You Need Your Drains to be CCTV Surveyed | Metro Rod Deeside Chester North Wales

3rd August 2018 - in Chester, Deeside, North Wales, Wrexham

According to property website Coreco, there is really no best time of year to be buying and selling property. Every...

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Meet the Dorset and Portsmouth Metro Rod Teams

3rd August 2018 - in Bournemouth, Metro Rod, Poole, Portsmouth

Keeping up-to-date with the new technology that Metro Rod are equipping the engineer teams with is all part of the...

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Let us de-clutter your gutters!

3rd August 2018 - in Birmingham, Metro Rod

Metro Rod Birmingham use a specially designed system called the Metro Vac to clear your gutters. It is designed in...

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Saw This And Couldn’t Resist

3rd August 2018 - in Norwich

Seen on the side of a tanker servicing septic tanks in deepest USA. I think I shall take this to...

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Metrorod North Midlands for your drainage requirements

1st August 2018 - in Metro Rod

At Metrorod North Midlands & Worcester we provide a friendly and efficient service which leaves customers satisfied with the service...

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Waste Management and Tanker Services Now Available At Metro Rod Cardiff

1st August 2018 - in Cardiff, Metro Rod

Metro Rod Cardiff has a new tanker! With our new tanker we will still be covering all of the CF...

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Metro Rod sponsors local historic ‘Alpine Climb’

1st August 2018 - in Newport

Metro Rod (Newport, Hereford & Gloucester) are once again proud sponsors of the historic 'Alpine Climb' - a highly regarded...

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