Are you prepared for a drainage emergency?

18th July 2018 - in Birmingham

Usually, your drains are not thought about until they begin to block and cause problems. We offer a service that...

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Trust Metro Rod to Unblock Your Drains…

18th July 2018 - in Bedford, Luton, Milton Keynes, Watford

Did you know that Metro Rod are members of Checkatrade? This means we are amongst the most trusted professionals in...

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The Sky’s the Limit with our Tanker in Duxford!

17th July 2018 - in Cambridge, Kings Lynn, Metro Rod

The Sky's the Limit in Duxford!   Our Engineer recently attended the Imperial War Museum in Duxford near Cambridge to...

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Interesting fact #2

17th July 2018 - in Metro Rod, Norwich

There are more TVs in Afghanistan than there are toilets. Interestingly, ninety percent of the population has TVs while only 7% has...

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What causes blocked drains?

16th July 2018 - in Birmingham, Metro Rod

Drains block due to things been put down them that shouldn't be. One issue that can cause drains to block...

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Metro Rod Performs Drain Survey in Liverpool’s Strawberry Fields

16th July 2018 - in Liverpool

Drain Survey in Liverpool's Strawberry Fields   Being based in Liverpool Metro Rod do quite often come across Beatles references...

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Interesting fact of the day!

13th July 2018 - in Metro Rod, Norwich

In a new series, we are starting a regular post of interesting toilet facts to brighten your day. Fact #1...

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Stinky smells from your drains? Metro Rod Dorset can help.

12th July 2018 - in Bournemouth, Poole, Portsmouth

Bad Smells In The Kitchen Or Bathroom? Bad smells coming from your drains are unpleasant.  They are also an indicator...

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