Tanker Services; the ins and outs of our Vacuum, Jetting and Combination Tankers | Metro Rod Deeside Chester & North Wales

24th July 2018 - in Chester, Deeside, Metro Rod, North Wales, Wrexham

Good morning class and welcome to the first of our Technical lessons here at Metro Rod Deeside. I will be...

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Run through the Woods for Alzheimer’s

24th July 2018 - in Hull, Lincoln, Peterborough

  Alzheimer's is a terrible disease which is affecting more and more of us.  Watching our loved ones go through...

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Interesting Fact # 3

24th July 2018 - in Norwich

Have you every wondered how many toilet rolls the largest buildings like The Pentagon use? Well wonder no more. The...

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Remembering the Manchester Ship Canal Bridge Collapse – Metro Rod Macclesfield’s Tanker Services Saves Ship

23rd July 2018 - in Macclesfield, Metro Rod

In early 2016, Metro Rod Macclesfield were all hands on deck, as our 26 tonne waste disposal tanker, serviced a...

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Macclesfield’s Drain Unblocking Team Expands – With Ex-Professional Rugby League Star

23rd July 2018 - in Macclesfield

Here at Metro Rod Macclesfield, we are delighted to announce the appointment of 3 new members of staff and look...

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How to conquer smelly drains

23rd July 2018 - in Birmingham

Smelly drains can cause a lot of stress and embarrassment, luckily the causes of them can be easily prevented! The...

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Hot Weather, Blocked Drains and Why You Need Pre-Planned Maintenance from Metro Rod Deeside, North Wales & Chester

20th July 2018 - in Chester, Deeside, North Wales, Wrexham

Welcome to the first of many weekly News Articles on our website. We are your hosts Metro Rod Deeside, Chester...

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How to avoid blocked drains

20th July 2018 - in Birmingham

The 3 P's are the only things that should go down the toilet, this is pee, poop and (toilet) paper....

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