Blocked Drains in Winsford? We Clear Them – Metro Rod Macclesfield

18th September 2018 - in Macclesfield, Metro Rod

It may not be common knowledge to most, but the area that we at Metro Rod Macclesfield cover for blocked...

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Big Green Unblocking Machine

17th September 2018 - in Blackburn, Blackpool, Bolton, Metro Rod, North Manchester, Preston, Wigan

Tankers are designed for the removal of debris and cleaning of large sewers. Rather than using high pressures to blast...

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Metro Rod unblocking drains in Wigan

17th September 2018 - in Blackburn, Blackpool, Bolton, North Manchester, Preston, Wigan

Wigan is one of the four oldest boroughs in Lancashire, with a population of around 320,000 it was once the...

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Blocked drains and drainage problems in Bicester? Metro Rod will see you right!

17th September 2018 - in Aylesbury, Banbury, Bicester, High Wycombe, Metro Rod, Oxford

As part of a new series, we take a closer look at the towns we spend so much time in...

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Treasure, Celebrities and Soup…..what do you know about Kings Lynn?

17th September 2018 - in Cambridge, Kings Lynn

Kings Lynn is a Seaport and Market Town in Norfolk, 158km miles from London and 71km from Cambridge. It is...

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Metro Rod – Ensuring Blocked Drains Don’t Ruin Freshers Week in Liverpool!

17th September 2018 - in Liverpool, Runcorn, Warrington, Widnes

How does Metro Rod help Liverpool Freshers Week?   On first thoughts Metro Rod and Freshers Week in Liverpool don't...

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Damage to Drains from Trees and |Shrubs

17th September 2018 - in Metro Rod

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Metro Rod – Unblocking the drains in Bournemouth

17th September 2018 - in Bournemouth, Metro Rod, Poole

Metro Rod Dorset are regularly unblocking drains across Bournemouth. We take a look at this thriving town along the South...

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