18th December 2018 - in Carmarthen, Neath, Pembroke, Swansea

You might think calling our engineers heroes is pushing it - but in this instance they certainly did save a...

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We Did It! Flashback Wednesday.

18th December 2018 - in Metro Rod, Norwich

Flashback Wednesday! This time last year we were very busy preparing to assist The People's Picnic in Norwich. Thank you...

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Secret Santa

17th December 2018 - in Norwich

It's that time of year when you are still working hard, and trying to organise your own holiday arrangements too,...

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Wet Wipes Blocking Drains Across Coventry & Leicester. 

17th December 2018 - in Coventry, Leicester, Metro Rod

It was estimated by Euro monitor, we use between 1,500 and 2,250 wipes per child from the day they are...

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Keeping it in the Community with Local Business Synergy – Draincare and Recycling!

17th December 2018 - in Cambridge, Kings Lynn

Draincare Experts, Metro Rod Cambridge and innovative, award winning Recycling Company Ellgia are delighted to announce the launch of their...

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Metro Rod Central London: investing in drain cleaning technology

16th December 2018 - in Central London, Metro Rod

The days of just "rodding" blocked drains are long-gone and drain cleaning in the 21st century London can involve a...

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Christmas Opening Hours

14th December 2018 - in Hull, Lincoln, Metro Rod, Peterborough

Christmas is fast approaching!  I know this because I am getting closer and closer the the fun sized mars bar...

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School is (almost) out for the holidays

14th December 2018 - in Norwich

School is (almost) out for the holidays. Metro Rod Norwich will be working hard across Norfolk and North Suffolk tending...

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