10th July 2018 - in Norwich

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Sewers, Sea Life, Sanitary Products and Beaches.

9th July 2018 - in Norwich

Toilet roll is designed to break down very quickly when wet, unfortunately sanitary products by their nature are designed in...

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What lies in your pipes?

9th July 2018 - in Birmingham, Metro Rod

CCTV surveys are very helpful to learn what is lying beneath your home or business. The surveys in which we...

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Feeling hot? Spare a thought for your drain pipes!

9th July 2018 - in Metro Rod

Blocked drains, leaky pipes, as well as structural damage can occur in the summer just as easily as the winter!...

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Mobile Phones, a Chair Leg & a jacket – all causing blocked drains & sewers!

6th July 2018 - in Liverpool

Who would try and dispose of a chair leg down a drain?!   https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-44554510 We here in Metro Rod in...

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Kick Back And Relax This Weekend

6th July 2018 - in Metro Rod, Norwich

Don't let drainage or emergency plumbing issues spoil your plans this weekend. MetroRod Norwich are here for you 24 hours...

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Investing for cleaner streets in Blaenau Gwent

6th July 2018 - in Newport

Metro Rod have recently begun the 2nd round of a street cleaning project awarded by Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council...

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Metro Plumb

5th July 2018 - in Birmingham, Metro Rod

Metro Plumb is Metro Rods sister company. We have 30 regional plumbing services across the country which all offer a...

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