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Drain Repair

Metro Rod is able to consider a range of repair technologies to offer the most cost effective and least disruptive repair. Our local offices are experienced in all techniques and able to draw on the combined 100 years of experience of our Technical Support department if the need arises, for those extra difficult occasions.

All techniques currently used are approved by local Water Authorities and the WRc. Some of the common techniques for drain repair in use today are:


No-Dig or trenchless repairs

These techniques, as the name suggests, do not require excavations. Metro Rod has developed these techniques over the last 25 years and have a number of options for materials to give the most cost effective and efficient solution.

No-Dig Repair options vary depending on the application, although they all share a common theme of inserting a liner into a drain which is impregnated with resin. The liner is moved into position, whether it is local or full length and then inflated to give a water tight repair by effectively making a thin strong layer inside the existing drain. When the required cure time has elapsed, the means of inflating the repair is removed to restore the full drain function and integrity.


  • Localised Structural Repairs (LSRs) - Patch Liners - Patch repairs offer a cost effective solution and are localised repairs for fixing individual defects within a drain or sewer. This consists of fibreglass matting impregnated with a Silicate resin solution, the matting is then wrapped onto a packer and inserted into the pipe and positioned at the location of the defect. The packer is then inflated to a pressure of circa 2 bar and then left in place while the resin cures. Once the curing process is complete, the packer is removed leaving a water tight permanent repair. Applications include holes, cracks, fractures, water ingress, displaced or open joints, and root ingress (after removal).


  • Ambient Cured Lining - Full or partial lining of sewers or drains to cover multiple defects, this type of lining is predominantly used for domestic and small commercial or industrial applications. There are two types of installation method for this product, they are ‘Drag in’ or Inversion. Upon deciding the most appropriate method, the liner is cut to the required length and impregnated (wet out) on site using a Polyester resin. The liner is then either dragged through the pipe and inflated or inverted, the inversion method involves the liner being turned inside out as it is forced through the pipe, this can be done using either water or air pressure. As the name suggests, the resin then cures (with no assistance) leaving a seamless full length repair.


  • Heat Cured Lining - Again, this method is used for full or partial length lining to cover multiple defects; however it is predominantly used for larger diameter or longer length pipes as it gives a longer installation window due to the resin requiring heat for it to cure.


These techniques, as the name suggests, do not require excavations. Metro Rod has been developing these techniques over the last 25 years and we have a number of options to give the most cost effective and efficient solution. No-Dig Repair options vary depending on the application.

The use of full length liners will result in any joining connections being blanked off. No problem -These are easily opened up after lining with a robot cutter which drives into the drain operated by one of our experience technicians. The camera located on the front of the cutter allows the operator to easily direct the cutting head and open up the connection with great precision.

Whatever your requirement, give Metro Rod a call and one of our team will be able to discuss the best way to assist in resolution of your drainage problems.



There are times when excavation is the only option, either due to collapsed drains or to facilitate access for lining repairs. All our engineers are trained in the use of CAT and Genny and able to excavate safely to offer a minimum inconvenience repair.

Metro Rod will be happy to assist you in repair of your drains and advise on the most suitable technique.