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Pollution Control and Prevention

As specialists in pollution control and prevention, we're here to help businesses understand where their trade effluent disposes to and implement informed maintenance measures to prevent pollution.


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Pollution Control and Prevention for Businesses

At Metro Rod, we’re experts in pollution prevention from advising businesses on the measures you need to implement to ensure compliance with the Environment Agency’s guidance to regular maintenance which can prevent disruption and downtime on your site.

Pollution Control and Prevention for Businesses

If your business uses water as part of the manufacturing or washdown process, you are likely producing contaminated wastewater, also known as trade effluent. It’s a business owner’s responsibility to dispose of wastewater correctly and mitigate any risk of pollution by implementing pollution control measures.

At Metro Rod, we’re experts in pollution prevention for business, from advising on the measures you need to implement to ensure you’re compliant with the Environment Agency’s pollution prevention for business guidance to regular maintenance, which can prevent disruption and downtime on your site.

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Unveiling Pollution Awareness in the Manufacturing Industry

All businesses in the UK are required to comply with the Environment Agency’s standard Pollution Prevention for Business advice. However, research shows that two-thirds of people in the manufacturing sector are unaware of the steps they should be taking to remedy pollution. More importantly, a worrying 85% of people aren’t aware of the individual guidelines their business is required to comply with.

We’ve created an industry whitepaper to help manufacturers understand their responsibilities and implement an action plan.

Download the Pollution Awareness Whitpaper

How to Prevent Pollution in your Business

A pollution prevention plan helps stop environmentally harmful practices and prevents downtime in your business by ensuring the drains and pumps are in optimal working order. It’s a vital tool whether you are managing your trade waste,  preventing FOG (Fats, Oils and Grease) from clogging the drain or wanting to understand the layout of your drains to reduce the risk of water pollution.

The first point of call should always be to understand the layout of your drainage system and its access points. An asset map or drain map, is an essential tool which can help you understand the location, the size and the depth of the drains running below your property. Should a flood or chemical spill happen, the asset map can be drawn upon to identify shut-off valves and access points to prevent trade effluent from entering the drains.

Following this, there are several maintenance services essential to ensure your site is in working order. At Metro Rod, we design a pre-planned maintenance plan which is tailored to your site. Helping to ensure the drains remain free from debris and potential blockages, interceptors are emptied regularly and grease traps don’t overflow. Above all, we make smart, informed solutions that drive cost savings and prevent downtime for your business.

For example, a typical pre-planned maintenance plan may include:

  • CCTV drain survey – an initial survey to understand the condition of your drains and any areas of concern
  • High-pressure water jetting to flush out any debris, build-up of scale or blockages
  • Grease trap emptying – regular grease trap emptying to ensure your grease doesn’t build-up and overflow into the drains
  • Interceptor emptying to prevent contaminated waste from entering the drains, causing a blockage
  • Pump station servicing to keep your pumps running efficiently and waste flowing into the main sewer network.
  • Flood prevention measures to protect against unexpected flooding during heavy rainfall.

Implementing a planned maintenance schedule will not only help prevent disruption on your site but also assist you in your pollution control measures and compliance with the EA’s pollution prevention guidance.

Download our pollution prevention guidance to find out more about the options available to help your site.

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Whether you’re looking for a full drain map and inspection of your drainage system to begin your pollution control measures, or you’re looking to implement planned maintenance to assist with your compliance, Metro Rod is the one-stop-shop provider you can rely on. Providing drainage solutions, plumbing repairs, pump servicing and tanker services, we’re available 24/7/365 to ensure any disruption to your daily processes is minimised.

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