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Sewer & Gully Cleaning

Expert sewer and gully cleaning services, including de-silting, to prevent costly repairs to your business and ensure your sewers and gullies are left in optimal working order.

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    UK-wide support from local engineers
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    24/7/365 emergency callouts
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    Always one of the fastest to reach you
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    40 years of proven technical ability
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Experts in Sewer & Gully Cleaning

Expert sewer & gully cleaning services delivered 24/7, 365 days a year.

Maintaining your sewers and gullies helps keep them fully operational and prevents drainage problems such as drain blockages, flooding or other detrimental concerns. If left untouched, silt can build up and cause greater damage, resulting in unwanted costs for your business or home.

Silt is a sediment that sinks to the bottom of your sewage system. If this continues to accumulate over time, the silt hardens and can cause disruption to the flow of water. This increases the risk of problematic blockages. By cleaning your sewers and gullies regularly, you are preventing the risk of flooding and damage to your business.

Sewer & Gully Cleaning Services

At Metro Rod, we have a team of expert drainage engineers that can desilt your sewers and gullies. They are trained to the highest industry standards and will thoroughly remove silt that has solidified and newly deposited silt that is loose. They will ensure your drain is fully operational and working to its optimal capacity.

Before we carry out our desilting services, our team may undertake a CCTV drain survey – a colour camera is used to identify any drainage issues, where the silt is located and ensure there is no other drain damage that requires attention. Once identified, they will advise on the necessary action and begin removing the silt with our high-pressure water jets.

Our high-pressure drain jets have the power to shift hardened and loose silt; it works by breaking down the silt and supplementary debris and transporting it to the nearest drainage access point. It is then excavated into a jet vacuum tanker, where our engineers can collect and dispose of it responsibly to ensure we are adhering to environmental obligations.

Why Do I Need Sewer & Gully Cleaning Services

Ignoring silt accumulation can lead to detrimental and costly repairs. For this reason, it is pivotal to prepare your domestic or commercial property against causes that can result in impacting the flow of your drains. In the UK, average statistics show in 2020 we received 1,309 millimetres of rainfall*. This average continues to increase each year, so it’s important to combat the causes that can lead to flooding.

A collation of silt can also put pressure on your pipes and cause them to block over time, leaving them susceptible to leaks and damage to your drainage system.

Sewers and gullies can also become blocked by other debris, not just silt— materials such as tree roots, concrete or rubble. With our extensive tools, having us on hand means we will not only desilt your sewer and gullies but also remove other debris that may be present – leaving your sewer and gully in optimal working order.

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Avoid unwanted damage and flooding in your home and business with our desilting services. We have local experts nationwide who are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. They are dedicated to delivering efficient drainage services for both domestic and commercial properties. To discuss our sewer and gully cleaning services, contact your local depot or call us on 0800 66 88 00.


*UK’s annual rainfall average in 2020, Statista.

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