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Flood Prevention Services

Preventative measures can help reduce the risk of flooding in your business, from regular pre-planned maintenance to tanker services; Metro Rod is available 24/7 for all your flood prevention services.


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Experts in Flood Prevention

At Metro Rod, we’re experts in preventing flooding for businesses of all shapes and sizes. It’s our goal to keep your drains in optimal working order to reduce the risk of disruption to your site.

A Guide to Flood Prevention?

Flooding in your business premises is often the result of seasonal UK storms bringing excessive wind and rainfall in a short space of time. While avoiding the elements may not be possible, taking the necessary flood prevention measures and precautions will help protect your business and home from consequential flooding.

Even if your location is not near watercourses that are at risk of natural flooding, other types of flooding may occur in your premises due to drain blockages or even a burst pipe. Failing to take the necessary precautions and flood prevention steps on your premises could result in costly flood scenarios.

At Metro Rod, we’re here to help you reduce disruption from unexpected flooding.

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Flood Prevention Measures to Protect Your Business

Below are some helpful flood prevention steps to put in place to avoid the risk of flooding and damage to your property.

Thoroughly Clean Your Building’s Drains

If not cleaned regularly, your drains can fall victim to excessive debris, mud and leaves building up in the pipes. Over time, this causes a blocked drain, not allowing water to drain away and catching any solid waste in the pipe, adding to the size of the blockage. High-pressure water jetting can be used to flush out the system, breaking down the build-up of debris and clearing the blockage or debris.

Understand the Layout of Your Drains

Are you familiar with how your business’ pipework is laid out and connected? Would you know where the fresh water enters the property and which pipes the waste water leaves the property through? Understanding this level of detail is a vital flood management tool as it means you can quickly locate where a problem may lie when flooding does occur and how to access it – preventing the risk of any chemical spills, or fire hazards.

If you work on commercial sites such as COMAH and EPR, drain mapping is also part of the site compliance.

We are experts in drain mapping and can help you to be fully prepared against flooding should a problem occur – find out more about our drain map solutions.

Clear Outside Gullies Around Your Premises

Surface water from roads and car parks typically drains away through gullies which are connected to the complex underground drains for your property. If they are not maintained regularly, sand sediment (silt), oil and grease can build up, preventing surface water from draining away, especially in heavy rainfall. This leads to surface water flooding and disruption to your daily schedule. Read more about maintaining drain gullies.

Install Interceptors

Interceptors, also known as oil separators, are an essential tool for sites that have hard surfaces where oil or fuel will contaminate the water run-off. For example, car parks, vehicle maintenance areas and loading bays. An interceptor is installed before the main sewer pipe to catch any oil or debris and separate it from the water, allowing non-contaminated water to flow through the system and keeping the contaminants behind. Read more about interceptors.

Regularly Clearing the Gutters

Particularly during the autumn and winter, a build-up of vegetation and foliage may occur within your premises’ gutters – moss, leaves and debris gathering in your gutters can cause a problem.

Gutters have the important job of transferring rainwater to the drains but if they become blocked, further rainwater will be forced to spill out onto ceilings, doors and windows, creating problematic damp areas and damaged pipework. It’s an important job that needs to be taken care of regularly – that’s why we have a Gutter Cleaning Guide to help prevent the risk of blocked gutters causing flooding to your property.

Flood Prevention Services

At Metro Rod, we understand the disruption and damage flooding can cause to your business. Our team of over 500 local, expert engineers are here to help you keep your drains in optimal working order to prevent flooding.

Contact your local Metro Rod team to discuss a flood management plan.

Flood Prevention FAQ

What are the different types of Flooding?

Flooding can be caused either by natural elements like storms causing flash flooding or from incidents and leaks within a building such as a blocked drain or burst pipe. Flash flooding from heavy rainfall causes surface water flooding outside the property when the drains are blocked or over capacity. In comparison, leaking pipes or blocked toilets will cause flooding inside the property. It’s worth noting that depending on the pipe, the leak could be either, foul water or fresh water.

What is Flood Prevention?

Flood prevention measures help save you from facing hefty damage to your property when your business is in a high-risk flooding area or are steps you can take to avoid accidental flooding from occurring around your property.

How can I prevent Flooding at my business?

A hazardous build-up of foliage may periodically occur in your property’s gutters from moss, leaves and debris, which can cause a problem. Regularly cleaning your gutters, drains and gullies will help the safe flow of water outside of your property.

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