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Pump Maintenance

Pump maintenance services tailored to your business’ needs. Providing a complete “water in, waste out” solution.

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    40 years of proven technical ability
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Experts at Pump Maintenance

A pump maintenance schedule can help keep your pump running efficiently, prevent failures and keep your premises free from disruption. In some domestic and commercial environments, wastewater needs to be elevated to reach the main sewer line, this is where a pump comes in.

When you have an efficient working pump system in place, it can be easy to become complacent and ignore maintenance checks. That being said, efficient pumps don’t stay at the top of their game if they are not regularly maintained. It is recommended by pump engineers that you have your station checked at least twice a year in order to make sure it remains in pristine condition.

A pump provides the pressure needed to move fluids up to the main sewer lines but if they fail or become blocked wastewater can begin to overflow out of the pump station. Not only could this cause a loss of revenue to your business or home through damage and site closures – a damaged pump become costly to repair. For this reason, it is important to carry out regular pump maintenance checks and servicing to keep your pumps running efficiently.

Pump Maintenance Service Plan

Creating a routine pump maintenance service plan will ensure regular cleaning and checks are taking place at a time that suits you. These regular services can help prevent unexpected costs from emergency repairs and gives you confidence in knowing your wastewater is taken care of.

Typically, a service is recommended every 6 months depending on the size of the pump and the frequency of use. When creating a plan, our specialist pump engineers will get to know your business to ensure the timings and details of the plan are tailored to your requirements. This helps us minimise disruption to the day-to-day business of your organisation and keep your pump in fantastic condition.

What’s Included in a Pump Maintenance Service

During a pump maintenance check, our engineers will conduct a full and thorough examination of the pump station in order to ensure it is running smoothly.

During a maintenance check, we examine the pump to ensure there are no leaks, check the oil levels, check the condition of the control panel, clean and check all floats to confirm they activate the pump correctly and also assess the access covers and manholes.

This maintenance prevents any blockages and identifies any causes for concern before they become a problem and cause disruption.

Download our “What’s Included in a Pump Maintenance Plan” guide to find out more.

Emergency Pump Repair

Regular maintenance helps keep your pumps in working order; however, it is still possible for things to suddenly go wrong with a pump and for it to need emergency repair. If something does break or malfunction, you are going to want to repair your pump as quickly in order to ensure it causes as little disruption to your life or business as possible.

At Metro Rod, we offer a wide range of pump services designed to keep your pump in great condition. Our emergency repair team are on hand 24/7 in order to ensure that you don’t have to go without your pump for long. If your pump has broken down, you can visit our pump repair page to find out more, or you can call us today on 0800 66 88 00.

Expert Pump Maintenance

At Metro Rod, we have a team of nationwide engineers available 24/7, 365 days a year operating from over 45 depots. What this means is that we are always local to you, within a one hour drive of 85% of the UK’s commercial companies. We aim to fully understand your business to provide you with long-lasting solutions which keep your business’ drainage and pump systems running in optimal condition. At Metro Rod, we place the needs of our customers first above all else, ensuring that you get both an efficient and an economic service that is tailored to your needs.

All our pump engineers are trained to the highest industry standards to ensure not only their safety but the safety of our customers. This is verified by many external partners such as the Alcumus Safe Contractor Accreditation. You can view our full list of accreditations and memberships here.

Contact Metro Rod

To discuss a pump maintenance service plan, contact your local depot or call us on 0800 66 88 00. If you would like to hear more about how else we may be able to help you, you can find out more on our pumps services page.

Pump Maintenance FAQ's

How regularly do I need pump maintenance?

It is recommended that your pump undergoes regular maintenance in order to ensure that it remains in great working order; however, how regularly will depend on the type of pump you have and how regularly it is in use. For a typical pump, we recommend that maintenance is conducted every 6 months. That being said, depending on your pump it could range from every 3 months to every 12. All pump maintenance plans are created bespoke to your situation, and the specific pump you have running at your home or organisation.

What does pump maintenance include?

Imagine an MOT for your pump. Previous in the article we gave a broad overview of what pump maintenance can entail; however, it contains a large number of checks in order to ensure that your pump works optimally for the situation it is in. The specific checks depend on the type of pump you have. They may, however, include checking bearings and impeller wear, checking gaskets and for oil leaks, inspecting filling ports, checking the temperature of the pump, and electrical current demands.

How much does pump maintenance cost?

At Metro Rod, we specialise in an efficient and economic service that is designed to help keep your pump maintained in a way that causes minimal disruption to your business. That being said, the cost of your pump maintenance plan depends on a couple of factors. The type, condition, regularity of use, and number of pumps all impact how frequently you get your pumps serviced and thus can impact the price.

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