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Our expert drain mapping services can plot the location, size and depth of your drainage system for any construction project, flood plan or other requirements.


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Drain Mapping Experts

We have the experience and expert knowledge to carry out accurate, reliable drain mapping throughout the UK across construction, local authority, highways, manufacturing, facilities and property development sectors.

What is Drain Mapping?

Drain mapping, also known as asset mapping, is a service that uses GPS technology to accurately plot the location of various drainage features.

Using innovative technology, coupled with an extensive, national reputation for commercial excellence, we can plot the location of any pipes, manholes and gullies to produce a tailored bespoke site map.

Drain mapping can also be used to determine the size, depth and directional flow of pipes within the system. As well as identifying which pipes carry foul water drains.

How Does Drain Mapping Work?

At Metro Rod, we’re known for our commitment to innovation and technology. To conduct a thorough drain mapping survey, we use a cutting-edge GPS system which provides accuracy up to 2cm. We also work with coordinates, using OSGM15.

Following the collection of the data, a report is produced to your exact specification and delivered quickly, showing you the information that you need the most.

Whilst on-site, our engineers work swiftly with minimal disruption to ensure you not only receive an accurate drain mapping survey but also the highest level of customer service.

What Does the Report Include?

Drain mapping results in an in-depth report which can be tailored to your requirements. The report includes four key elements including:

  • A site map with a schematic drawing of the drainage system
  • An asset register detailing the location, size, access points and use of each drain section
  • Manhole record cards showing images of each access point
  • An interactive Google Maps overlay. Allowing you to click on each drain section and see the corresponding granular details and photos.

We can also provide you with a DXF file which can be imported to your existing CAD system and used with an OS tile background if required.

As well as drainage elements, we can create bespoke data collection forms to also map streetlights, park benches and other external items to meet your requirements.

Why Consider Drainage Mapping?

A drain map is a valuable planning and site management tool across a wide variety of industries.

Typically, drain mapping is a required service before any form of building project goes ahead. Conducting drain mapping safeguards against causing damage to any pre-existing drainage systems that may be costly to repair later down the line.

Drain mapping is also vital for planning purposes for pollution prevention and flood risk management. Through knowing the layout of the drains, it is possible to plan a fast response in the case of a chemical spill, fire or other emergencies.

Finally, for some commercial sites, such as COMAH (Control of Major Accident Hazards) and EPR (Environmental Permitting Regulations) regulated sites, drain mapping is part of the site compliance. We can help you ensure your drain map is fully compliant with any legal requirements.

Experts in Drain and Asset Mapping

At Metro Rod, we are experts in drain and asset mapping. Our highly trained engineers have the experience and knowledge to not only map the drain but fully understand your requirements and advise on the condition of the drainage system. We know how important it is to accurately map a drainage system and that is the reason we have developed a service built around our customer’s needs.

To contact your local Metro Rod drain mapping specialist, click to find your local service centre or call us on 0800 66 88 00. We are always happy to arrange a free site assessment and no obligation quotations for any work you might need.

Drain Mapping FAQ

What industries is drain mapping useful for?

There are a large number of industries that benefit from drain mapping. Typically, mapping is well suited for councils and highway authorities, construction companies, and those in chemical manufacturing. That being said, mapping can also be useful for domestic pipes and commercial outlets. If there is a need to fully understand how a drainage system sits beneath the surface of the ground then drain mapping can be an incredibly useful tool.

What is included?

At Metro Rod we make sure our drain mapping is a thorough investigation, helping you gain a fuller understanding of your drainage system. The final report will contain details about the pipes, manhole locations, gully locations and the direction of water flow.

Once the map has been completed, we provide you with a detailed schematic drawing of the drain map and an asset register containing full details of each drain section.  We also provide a manhole record card that includes images of each drain section and a Google Maps overlay to allow for the interactive exploration of the site.

How long does drain or asset mapping take?

How long drain mapping can take depends on the size of the site. Smaller sites take less time than larger sites. We understand the importance of minimising any disruption to your business and will work with you to provide the service at a time that suits you.

What special software do you use?

To conduct a drainage map we use a series of specialist software designed to give as accurate a map as possible. This includes using a Global Navigation Satellite System (known as a GNSS) that is accurate up to 2cm. Our engineers also track coordinates using OSGM15.

How much does drain mapping cost?

The cost of drain mapping can vary depending on a few factors, including the size of the area that needs to be mapped. Contact your local drainage engineer or call us today on 0800 66 88 00 for a no-obligation free quote.

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