Drain and Pipe Lining

Pipe lining is an advanced drain repair technique that installs a new sleeve inside the existing damaged drain, patching the crack or damage from within the drain itself and avoiding the need for excavation. Pipe lining can be completed faster, with less mess and is more cost-effective than traditional drain repair techniques.

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Pipe Lining and Repair

If your drain or pipe has been cracked or damaged, then you will need to get it fixed. Leaving a cracked drain untended can result in leaks, flooding, or even a collapsed drain. The good news is that, with our pipe lining techniques, we can help you get your drain back to optimal working condition in no time.

Metro Rod has been developing and improving no-dig pipe lining techniques for over 35 years, so we have various options for providing the most cost-effective and efficient solution.

At Metro Rod, we use two distinct forms of pipe lining technique depending on the situation. Ambient cured lining and heat cured lining. These two methods of drain lining repair allow us to cater to a wide range of drain sizes and repair needs.

Ambient Cured Lining

Ambient cured lining is used for the full or partial relining of sewers or drains to cover multiple defects. This type of technique for drain repair is perfect for a small site footprint and smaller diameter pipes, such as those on domestic properties and small commercial businesses.

Ambient cured drain lining produces a seamless continuous repair that not only repairs the damage but provides a barrier to future external intrusions such as those from tree roots.

When installing the ambient cured drain lining, the resin is pulled/pushed or inverted and manoeuvred into place using water or air pressure. The liner then self-cures in ambient temperatures, removing the need for any heat or UV light applications, leaving a seamless repair.

Heat Cured Lining

The other method of pipe lining is known as heat cured lining. This method is used for lining the full length of the drain to cover multiple defects on larger diameter and longer length pipes—for example, those found on construction sites and large industrial premises.

Heat cured lining is installed using the inversion method, where a liner containing the resin is inverted through the pipe via a head of water from manhole to manhole. Water is then heated up inside the pipe to the required temperature for the curing process to start. The wastewater from this process will be contaminated with styrene, a marine pollutant, so upon completion of the process, our tankers are on standby to remove the wastewater and take it to treatment works for safe disposal.

Pipe Lining and Repairs from Metro Rod

At Metro Rod, we offer both patch repair and excavation as a drain repair technique.

Depending on the size and extent of the damage to your drain, we can help make sure that you have the right solution to provide a sturdy repair, whether that is ambient, heat cured lining or a full excavation and replacement.

Whatever your requirement, call Metro Rod on 0800 66 88 00 or click to find your local office, and a member of our team will be happy to help you resolve your drainage issue.

Pipe Lining and Drain Relining FAQs

What size of drain can a drain lining repairs cover?

Drain lining can be used for repairs covering a multitude of different sizes. Typically drains and sewers with a diameter between 100mm – 225mm, ambient cured liner (dependant on length) can be used. For larger drains and sewers with a diameter up to 1200mm, heat cured lining provides an excellent solution. This makes lining an incredibly versatile tool to suit a range of different cracks or defects in the pipes.

What are the benefits to drain relining?

There are several core benefits to drain relining as a method of repair. Firstly due to the reduced need for excavation, pipe lining is a less disruptive method of repair. It reduces the need for any trench work and is a quicker, more cost-effective method of drain repair.

When would pipe lining not be an effective solution?

Although pipe lining is the preferred drain repair method, there are a few situations where it may not be the best solution for the job. For example, when a drain has collapsed. In this case, an excavation of the drain and replacement with a new drain would be required.

How much does pipe lining or relining cost?

Pipe lining is more economic than a drain repair that requires excavation as it requires far less time to complete and is less disruptive, resulting in a much lower cost. The exact cost of a pipe or drain lining depends on the size and type of damage. Before any work is carried out, our engineers will provide you with a full quote. Contact us on 0800 66 88 00 for a quote.

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