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Drain Repair

Damaged drains need fixing quickly and by a professional. Call your local Metro Rod depot at the first sign of a damaged drain.

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We’re here to help you – however complicated, large, remote or inaccessible the problem. Contact us today to speak to one of our commercial drainage specialists.

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Our engineers are experienced and qualified in delivering a range of drain repair techniques. We have the skills and equipment to fix a range of drainage problems.

Are my drains damaged?

As with blocked drains, there’s a few tell-tale signs that you have a damaged drain pipe. The signals to look out for include:

  • Continuous blocked drains
  • Bad smells coming from drains
  • Leaking from drain pipes
  • Damp in your house
  • Sinking land in your garden


If you suspect you have a damaged drain, contacting the experts at Metro Rod to come and inspect is the right way forward. Our professionals can use CCTV drain survey technology to investigate inside your drain and suggest the right fix.

Call your local drain repair experts

All of our local Metro Rod depot have the equipment and the expertise to deliver our full range of drain repair services.

Find your local depot and get in touch at the first sign of a damaged drain.

Our drain repair methods

As long-standing drain repair experts, we use a number of reliable drain repair techniques to leave households running smoothly again.

No-dig and trenchless repairs

Many homeowners avoid having their drains repaired as they’re concerned about the disruption. No-dig repairs allow for drains to be fixed from ground level, without having to dig up any land.

Trenchless repairs work by feeding tools down the drain, using a live feed camera for guidance. Our experts can use the correct materials to offer a reliable fix, without having to disturb your driveway or garden.

Patch Repairs

We offer a full range of drain patch repairs, using both heat and ambient cured lining methods. Read our expert advice on patch repairs and drain excavation if you want to know more about how we can repair your drains.

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