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Metro Rod’s Anti-Slavery & Anti-Human Trafficking Policy Statement

Metro Rod undertake regular supply chain reviews and risk assessment within its supply chain that may be exposed to a higher degree of risk in regards to Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking.

In order to seek to prevent Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking in our business and supply chains we are undertaking a robust due diligence process which has identified the need to introduce specific questions relating to Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking during the resourcing and pre-qualification of our sub-contractors.

In addition, comprehensive checks will also be carried out during annual sub-contractor business reviews to ensure continued compliance is achieved and to monitor the effectiveness of the activities put in place in order to combat Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking. We have made a commitment to conduct five annual audits of the selected sub-contractors to further support our company Corporate Social Responsibility standards and culture.

For all staff directly employed by Metro Rod, we undertake the full range of statutory Right-to-Work-in-the-UK employment checks with supplementary checks such as DBS or Credit Checks for certain roles. Our employees are paid at or above the National Minimum Wage / National Living Wage rates and we regularly review our salaries to ensure that they are competitive and are within the median range.

Please Click hereĀ to read our Anti-Slavery & Anti-Human Trafficking Policy.

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