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Until recently buying an existing business as a ‘resale’ was the only way to join our network of franchisees. Now we have two exciting pathways to share in the success:

New Areas released for sale: Establish a new Metro Rod Franchise, with our backing. We’re thrilled to introduce 10 available locations strategically positioned across the UK. These present an exclusive chance to join the franchise, at an entry level price point. Our unwavering support ensures that you receive the necessary resources, training, and knowledge to grow a flourishing business, complete with an existing customer base to jumpstart your journey. These require a more hands on approach as you will need to build your own team and working assets.

Explore Our Resale Packages: Alternatively, you can explore our resale packages. These opportunities provide a ready-made turnkey solution, enabling you to seamlessly transition into an existing Metro Rod franchise with well-established operational teams, skilled engineers, and established customer connections. This is an excellent method for those looking for a management franchise and a smooth transition as the business owner, to propel your investment and business towards the next stage of expansion.

Whichever path you choose, Metro Rod is committed to providing you with the support, resources, and opportunities you need to succeed in the commercial drainage solutions industry. Let’s discuss which option aligns best with your goals and aspirations.

Our dedicated Franchise Recruitment Manager is ready to guide you through these opportunities and provide full support, as you explore the world of franchising. With financial partners and our great network of suppliers, your dream of owning your own business is closer than you think.

Want to find out more? Contact Tracey Cockerton [email protected]

Discover a Wealth of Reasons to Secure Your Future with Metro Rod

  • Proven Profitability: Metro Rod franchise offers a time-tested and lucrative business opportunity situated in an industry that demonstrates resilience even in economic downturns.
  • Established Brand: As part of a renowned and respected brand, franchisees benefit from immediate recognition and credibility in the commercial drainage solutions sector.
  • Comprehensive Training: Franchisees receive thorough training across various critical areas, equipping them and their teams with the knowledge and skills needed for success.
  • Ongoing Support: The franchise system is backed by a robust support network, ensuring that franchisees have access to assistance, guidance, and expertise whenever required.
  • Exclusive Territory Rights: Franchisees gain exclusive territorial rights, safeguarding their market and allowing them to establish a dominant presence in their designated area.
  • Limitless Earnings Potential: Join the ranks of our successful franchisees, with several achieving sales exceeding £2 million.
  • National Contracts: Benefit from pre-negotiated contracts with some of the biggest companies across the UK.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: We continually invest in cutting-edge IT systems and processes to keep you at the forefront of the industry.


Interested in owning a franchise? Complete the form below and we’ll be in touch with a copy of our brochure and when you’re ready, book a time for a chat!

We are increasing market share, with more engineers than ever before and new franchisees regularly coming on board – would you like to join us?

What Franchisees Say About Metro Rod

Download our latest case study “Metro Rod Bristol: Sewing the Seams of Change” or take a look at the comments below:

“I wanted to take a moment to express my deep gratitude for all the support, guidance, and patience you have shown towards me throughout the recruitment process at Metro Rod, It has taken me a bit longer than I would have liked to send you this email, life has become quite busy. The business plan has already gone out the window and the initial intention not to seek growth completely bypassed.

Your assistance and encouragement have truly made a difference for me, and I am incredibly appreciative of the time and effort you have invested in helping me navigate the various stages of the selection and recruitment process. Your thorough explanations and prompt responses have been invaluable, and I am grateful for your dedication to assisting me every step of the way.

I am excited about the future at Metro Rod, and I am confident that your guidance has helped me present myself in the best possible light. Your professionalism and kindness have made this process smoother and more enjoyable, and I am thankful to have had the opportunity to work with someone as supportive and knowledgeable as you.

Once again, thank you for all your assistance, support, and patience. I look forward to the possibility of further collaboration in the future.”

Graham McGuinness, Owner of Metro Rod Dundee


“Tracey was my first contact when I enquired about a Metro Rod resale opportunity. She knew her stuff, was easy to talk to and made what was a huge personal decision so much easier.

I always felt Tracey made every effort to make the process and negotiations as transparent as possible and was a great help.”

Dan Rhodes, Owner of Metro Rod South Yorkshire

Read more case studies here.

Franchisee FAQs

Who are we looking to work with?

The Metro Rod success story is all about real people achieving real results. Our 43+ Metro Rod professional members are all driven individuals, family teams, or partnerships, with a passion for providing a first-class service.

If you have strong business acumen, good people skills, initial investment funds* and the ambition to own a highly successful, local franchise business, we think you’ll fit in perfectly! Previous careers involving leadership, business development, project management, commercial selling or civil engineering all have very relevant transferable skills, but we can provide industry-leading training in all aspects of running a commercial drainage company.

How much does it cost?

Our entry level price for a Metro Rod Franchise location is £50k, we currently have 10 of these opportunities available. Finance is available to help spread the cost. You will also need to consider the start-up costs of a new business, including drainage vans. Contact us for more information and we will do our best to find a solution that helps you on the road to business ownership.

Established franchise resales are priced individually. See our list of available locations and request more information.

Our Metro Plumb franchise requires a lower minimum investment, starting from £8,000 and requires the applicant to be a qualified plumber or be able to partner with one. Please see our Metro Plumb website for more details.

What drainage franchises are available?

We currently have drainage franchises available in:

  • The Scottish Highlands
  • Aberdeen
  • Gloucestershire
  • Exeter
  • Bristol
  • North East

Contact Tracey Cockerton [email protected]

Even if the location you’re looking for isn’t listed, get in touch so we can understand your exact requirements, we may have a more suitable area soon to be released that we can tell you about.

Do I need to know about the drainage industry?

For a resale no, we have a complete training program that can support you in learning every aspect of the business. They also come with a complete team of staff, managing the day to day.

For entry level areas, experience in drainage or a connected industry such as civil engineering, construction, plant and machinery a benefit.

As a management franchise, many of your skills and experiences will be transferrable. All we ask is you have the ambition and drive to grow the business, and we will support you with the rest.

What is the average gross profit for a Metro Rod business?

Approx. 30%* this is an average across all our UK businesses. Differences can occur, but this is a general guide to what can be expected.

*This is not guaranteed

How long do franchisees stay with Metro Rod?

We are proud to say we have some franchisees that have been with us for more than 20 years. The current average is 13 years.

Who are Metro Rod’s customers?

Primarily commercial clients require our services. However, there is an element of domestic work, and we welcome efforts to grow this market.

National Account work is generated by Metro Rod’s Support Centre; these are large, sometimes nationwide contracts. Local commercial customers would be found and managed by the local franchisee.

Can I get help with finance to buy a business?

We have a great relationship with HSBC and can introduce you to a franchise funding specialist who knows our business. On average, they support you with 70% LTV funding.

How do Metro Rod receive their remuneration?

Royalties known as MSF are deducted from the sales. We have several relief schemes that provide kickbacks to support franchisee growth. The better you do, the better we do a true win-win partnership.


What is the average job value?

£240 is the average job value. However, work can vary from a simple call out and first-time fix to requiring further recommendation work for complete repairs. No two jobs are ever the same; it keeps things exciting and provides no limits on what you can earn.

How many engineers do I need?

Metro Rod is a 24/7 business, so the minimum requirement is 2 engineers and 2 vans. As a rule of thumb, you require another engineer for every £100k of turnover.

How do I source Vans and Equipment?

Many of the businesses come with existing vans and equipment; however, we have several suppliers we work closely with if you need to replace or add additional equipment. Our technical team is on hand if you need them to ensure you get the best value for money.

Our connections can help secure discounts and before market offers.

Is Metro Rod a BFA member?

Yes, Metro Rod are proud long-term members of the BFA.

How long is Metro Rod’s Franchise Agreement?

5 years with an option to renew for a further 5 years. The process is easy. We require your latest business plan for the next term.


Average sales of a Metro Rod franchisee

£900,000 with 35% of franchisees now achieving sales of over £1m, and several achieving sales of over £1.5m.

How does the process work?

Get in touch via our web form, email, or telephone. Our Franchise Recruitment Manager will provide more information and when you are ready to organise a call to chat through your plans. You will have a single dedicated contact throughout the whole process, on hand to answer as many questions for as long as it takes. We can look at the individual accounts for the business you are buying, so you are confident of exactly how it’s performing. We can support you with finance and business planning, arrange your training and support you through the takeover process.

Can I talk to other franchisees?

Yes, you are very welcome to do this. In fact, we encourage it; it’s a great way to get reassurance and ask questions of the people that were once in the same position as you.

How long is the training?

We provide a tailored course that combines some external courses time spent with the support centre team, and we will even send you out into the field. Coupled with visits to other depos, we try to provide you with a well-rounded experience that gives you the confidence to step into your new role.

Designed to suit you, whether you’re keen to complete it as quickly as possible or spread it over several weeks, we can work around you.

What support does the franchisor give?

We are here for you, each department, whether it’s the call handler in the 24/7 call centre. The marketing team is developing the next online campaign, IT creating reports to give you a better insight into your business, or our sales team winning the next contract. You have a large team of dedicated individuals all busy behind the scenes supporting you.

Is it only drainage work?

We have a wide range of services, follow this link to read about them and a brief description of what they include.


Are you part of Metro Plumb?

Metro Plumb is part of our group providing a complete plumbing service to customers. You are invited to explore both brands, as they offer different opportunities. Please visit the website for more information.


We are proud to be members of the British Franchise Association and are fully committed to their code of ethical franchising.

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