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Pump maintenance, pump installations and pump repairs tailored to your business’ needs. Providing a complete “water in, waste out” solution.

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    40 years of proven technical ability
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Experts at Delivering Professional, Reliable and Quality Pump Services

From regular pump maintenance services to pump station repairs and new installations, Metro Rod understands the complexity of pump stations and have the experience and knowledge you can rely on. Whether it’s a sewage or rainwater pump you can rely on our expert engineers to be available 24/7/365 and keep your water flowing.

What Are Pump Services?

Pump services from Metro Rod provide an efficient and reliable solution for dealing with wastewater. Our expert team of engineers provide installation, maintenance, and repair of pumps that are designed to move wastewater away from your premises quickly and safely. We have a wide range of pump systems and equipment to suit any application, from basic domestic drainage to complex industrial drainage. Our pump services are available 24/7, so you can be sure of a quick and efficient response when you need it most.

Our pump services Include:

Pump Station Maintenance Services

Prevention is better than cure, so we always recommend having a pump maintenance schedule in place. Low-cost regular inspections and cleaning do much to ensure that your wastewater drainage pump continues to run smoothly and helps prevent any unexpected blockages or interruptions to your business. We can provide you with a tailored plan to ensure work is carried out at a time that suits you.

Having a pre-planned schedule for your pump station maintenance not only gives you the peace of mind that your wastewater discharge is in order but also saves you the time and money associated with emergency call outs. You can find out more on the Pump Maintenance page.


Pump Station Repair Services

A pump repair may be required if you experience foul smells or a build-up of waste in the pump chamber. Often the cause of the problem will be a blockage or a build-up of fat, oil and grease in the chamber which is preventing the floats or sensors in the system from activating the pumps. Identifying the cause is key to ensuring the problem is resolved.

It is also common for pump stations to require replacement parts, for example, if the guide rails need replacing or there is a fault in one of the float switches. Our engineers can quickly resolve the problem and fit the required parts to ensure your pump station is running in optimal working condition.

We provide a rapid response, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week meaning a pump repair solution is near you in no time.

Pump Station Installation Services

Regardless of size or complexity, we can work with you to make the installation of your pump station as seamless as possible. If water authority adoption is required on a pump station, we can handle the necessary work required to ensure an easy handover process.

Pump Station Design Services

Alongside Willow Pumps, we can support your pump station project from the initial design stage straight through to installation. Working with mechanical & electrical (M&E) consultants, we will create the plans needed to ensure your development meets all the requirements. Our experienced team are also available to carry out site visits before design and installation if required.

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To discuss your pump service, repairs or maintenance contact your local depot or call us on 0800 66 88 00.

Pump Services FAQs

What Does a Pump Station Do?

A pump station is a combination of pumps, chambers, control system and pipework that can transport liquids from one location to another (normally uphill). They also circulate water in treatment systems and drain water from low lying land.

How Do Pump Stations Work?

A pumping station collects water in a large tank or well, which allows for storage of foul water or rainwater from a site.  The fluid activates a control mechanism once a pre-determined level is reached in the well, which tells the pumps to run and discharge the fluid. When the level reduces, the pumps will stop and wait for the next signal to start again. Often pumping stations have two pumps which alternate automatically to share out the workload.

Why Choose Metro Rod?

In October 2019, Willow Pumps was acquired by Franchise Brands and now work together with Metro Rod to deliver our customers with high quality, trusted pump station services. They bring over 25 years’ experience in handling both waste and clean water and are known for the same values Metro Rod stand for in providing excellent customer service and technical knowledge.

What is a Pumping Station?

A pumping station is a facility that is used to pump wastewater, sewage, or stormwater away from a low-lying area. It is essential to a functioning drainage system and can help prevent flooding and water damage. Metro Rod is experienced in the maintenance, installation, and repair of pumping stations, as well as all other types of commercial drainage systems.

Do Pump Stations Need Maintenance?

Yes, pump stations need regular maintenance to ensure they are working to their optimum efficiency. Metro Rod can provide a comprehensive maintenance service, including routine servicing and repairs, to keep your pump station in perfect working order.

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