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Pump Station Maintenance

Pump station maintenance and repairs tailored to your business’ needs. Providing a complete “water in, waste out” solution.

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From initial drawings to installation and maintenance Metro Rod, and our sister company Willow Pumps, understand the complexity of pump stations and have extensive experience and knowledge you can rely on.

What does a pump station do?

A pump station is a combination of pumps, chambers and pipework that can transport liquids from one location to another. They can also circulate water in treatment systems and drain water from low lying land.

How do pump stations work? 

Pump stations provide pressure to move liquid at the required flow rate. They are often designed to be programmable so the water flow can be adjusted when needed.  The flow rate is worked out through a mathematical equation which takes into account the volume of liquid and size/length of pipes, changes in elevations and other elements which may affect the flow. 

Pump station services

 Across Metro Rod and Willow Pumps, we have the expertise to provide you with a range of pump station services. Including:

  • Pump station design to private or adoptable standards
  • Installation of pump stations – including installation to SFA (Sewers for Adoption) and SSG (Sewerage Sector Guidance) standards where required
  • Pump station maintenance
  • Package pump stations
  • Pump station commissions
  • Pump adoptions
  • Building services (supply, installation of booster sets and storage tanks)


Alongside Willow Pumps, we can support your pump station project with any design requirements or specifications you need to meet. Working with mechanical & electrical (M&E) consultants, we will create the plans needed to progress your development. Our experienced team are also available to carry out site visits before design and installation if required.


Regardless of size or complexity, we can work with you to make the integration of your pump station as seamless as possible. If water authority adoption is required on a pump station, we can handle the necessary work involved to ensure an easy handover process.

Pump Station Maintenance

Prevention is better than cure, so we would always recommend having a maintenance schedule in place. Low-cost regular inspections and cleaning can ensure your pumps continue to run smoothly and help prevent any unexpected blockages and interruptions to your business. We can provide you with a tailored plan to ensure work is carried out at a time that suits you.

For emergencies, our engineers are on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for any pump station repairs.

Contact Metro Rod:

To discuss your pump station project or maintenance, contact your local depot or call us on 0800 66 88 00.

Our partnership

In October 2019, Willow Pumps was acquired by Franchise Brands and now work together with Metro Rod to deliver our customers with high quality, trusted pump station services. They bring over 25 years’ experience in handling both waste and clean water and are known for the same values we stand for in providing excellent customer service and technical knowledge.

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