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Drain Unblocking

If you’ve got a blocked drain, you’ll need it fixing straight away. We’ve got the experience to fix it quickly, first time. 

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Blocked drains at home really do affect your daily routine. If you want to get your household back to running smoothly, then Metro Rod are the right people for the job. We work 24/7/365 to respond to emergency drainage callouts at homes across the UK.

Are my drains blocked?

We often think we can tell if a drain is blocked but there’s a number of tell-tale signs. These include:

  • Gargling plugholes
  • Rising water in a toilet after you flush
  • Sinks or baths that are draining very slowly
  • Bad smells coming from drains

Noticing any of these things happening in your home? You need to act quickly to avoid your blockage becoming more severe…and costly.

How to unblock a drain

You may be tempted to reach for an ‘off the shelf’ drain unblocker in a bottle or to try an old-wives method but these aren’t the best ways to unblock a drain.

DIY drain unblocking techniques tend to be time-consuming and only ever offer a temporary fix. Our advice? Leave it to the professionals.

We’ve been unblocking drains for decades and have the right skills, equipment and experience to do the job well. Once we’ve diagnosed the cause of the blockage, we can choose the right unblocking service such as high-pressure water jetting or electro-mechanical cleaning.

Call the nation’s drain clearance specialists

We care about keeping your home running smoothly. So, if you’re faced with a blocked drain and need it seeing to urgently, look no further than us. With over 40 depots throughout the UK, your local engineer is never too far away. Get in touch with your local Metro Rod depot to book a visit.

Understanding your drains

Out of sight and often out of mind, many homeowners don’t know the basics about their drains… or what is blocking them.

If you own your home, you are responsible for the drains that sit within the boundaries of your property. This includes the drainage systems connected to your sinks, washing machine, toilets and dishwasher.

It is possible to share drains with a neighbour, in which case you’re both responsible for the maintenance. You can find out whether your drains are private or shared by checking your property deeps or contacting your local authority, water company or sewage company.

When it comes to cleaning your drains healthy, reducing what goes down them is the key. The only things that go down your toilet are the 3 Ps – pee, poo and toilet paper. Any wet wipes, tissues, sanitary products or nappies go in the bin. As for your kitchen, make sure all food waste, fats, oils and grease go in the bin and not down your sink or into your dishwasher.

Remember the 3 Ps

Did you know 80% of blocked drains are avoidable by only flushing the 3 Ps? Remind the members of your household or the people entering your business to only flush pee, poo and paper by display our new toilet door poster! You can download it for free here.

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