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Whether we’re handling flood relief, emptying road gullies, de-silting, removing debris or jet-cleaning drains and sewers, our fleet of tankers work across the UK, 24/7, 365 days a year.

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At Metro Rod we have one of the most flexible fleets of tankers in the UK. Operating vacuum, jetting and combination tankers, our team of engineers are known for delivering the highest level of customer service. We offer a market-leading, flexible commercial service no matter how large or small the job.

What Tanker Services Do We Offer?

At Metro Rod, our fleet of tankers are available for a wide range of services, whether you are in a remote location or in a city centre our specially trained engineers are here to keep your drains flowing.

Our tanker services include:

Flood Relief and Water Removal

Whatever the scale of the problem our vacuum tankers provide an excellent solution to flood water. Using a specially designed 4” hose we can remove up to 2,000 gallons of water or debris in a matter of minutes.

Importantly our expert engineers are experienced in tackling any problem, however, large or small. We are known for our work on major flooding cases, as well as those linked to construction and the public sector.

Waste Removal and Septic Tank Emptying

Our fleet of tankers allows for us to offer a wide range of services designed around waste removal. At Metro Rod we are fully qualified to remove non-hazardous effluent. We can empty and clean cesspits, septic tanks and grease traps. If you have hazardous waste that you need removing then we work with highly trusted specialists to provide a hazardous waste removal service. Whatever it is that you need taking away, we are here to help.

Drain Jetting

At Metro Rod, we are experienced in cleaning and removing blockages or debris from sewers and commercial settings. As well as traditional jetting, Metro Rod’s tankers can use high flows at lower pressure, to guarantee a more complete, swift and effective clean. Our goal is to break up any obstructions and push the debris through the system. This leaves the pipe clear, whilst also safeguarding against future blockages.

Maintenance and Cleaning Tanker Services

As well as jetting and waste removal, our tanker services include a wide variety of different maintenance and cleaning options. These vital services can be carried out in an assortment of locations, depending on your need.

We are experts in cleaning pipes and sewers, unblocking and removing any build up from the system. As part of our range of tanker services, we can also clean and maintain lift chambers and bund walls. Along with providing regular maintenance and cleaning options to ensure your systems are always working to the best of their ability.


Our tankers allow for us to remove silt from several different places, including confined areas such as sewers and gullies and large areas such as lakes and lagoons.

In a more commercial setting, our tankers can also remove silt and contaminants from surface water interceptors or interceptors installed in industrial environments.

Why Metro Rod?

At Metro Rod, you can rely on us to not only keep your water and waste flowing but provide you with friendly, professional engineers who care about your business as much as you do. We know drainage solutions can be an inconvenience, that’s why we provide our tanker services 24/7/365 so we are available at a time that suits you.

We provide a nationally supported local approach meaning that you can be reassured the local engineer attending your site is not only professional and friendly but has the technical ability to provide the highest quality service.

Talk to One of Our Tanker Specialists

You can talk to your local Metro Rod tanker specialist by clicking to find your local service centre. We are always happy to arrange a free site assessment and no obligation quotes for any work you might need. Alternatively, you can call our emergency helpline on 0800 66 88 00.

Tanker Services FAQ

How quickly can a tanker be on site?

We aim to have a tanker with our customers within 24 hours of booking. We offer a service where emergencies, such as flooding, are prioritised allowing you to return to normality as quickly as possible.

Once a tanker has picked up waste, how is waste disposed of?

Each type of waste is given a classification to ensure that it is disposed of in the correct manner. Here at Metro Rod we have environmentally friendly systems in place to ensure that all waste is disposed of safely.

What accreditations do the tanker engineers have?

All of our engineers are highly trained to ensure that they can carry out any job you require as quickly and efficiently as possible. Aside from personal training, all of our local offices are registered with the Environmental Agency as waste carriers to ensure the correct duty of care when we transfer waste.

How much do tanker services cost?

The precise cost of the tanker services we offer can vary depending on the job. How much a specific job costs will depend on what it is that needs doing. To discuss your requirement in more detail, you can give us a call on 0800 66 88 00.

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