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What are the benefits of having a CCTV Drain Survey before moving into a new home?

Moving into a new home can be costly and time consuming so its vital that you have a full CCTV Drain Survey of the property beforehand, to prevent any nasty shocks later. 

Our CCTV Drain Surveys accurately diagnose any problems within your drainage system so that we can make a fully informed assessment on any issues you may have. This way we are able to provide the best service with reliable quotes for any potential work that the property may need before you move in. 

At Metro Rod Stoke we use iTouch Live technology in all our CCTV Surveys which allows us to carry out real time inspections of your drains. This system allows us to collect the data and footage from your drains and is then streamed back to the office so that it can be processed. For most cases this will have happened by the time the engineer has packed up their equipment, we are then in a position to provide the best next step as we will have all the information we need.

Why are CCTV Drain Surveys so important?

A required part of buying a property is a general home survey to fully assess the property which many mortgage or insurance companies will ask for. Unfortunately in many of these surveys the drainage system is overlooked, this is could be for a few a reasons, but nonetheless it is extremely important to the functioning of the house that your drainage system is in top working order. No one wants a burst pipe, or leaking sewage after buying a new home. 

Our CCTV Surveys can spot a number of problems you may have, including:

  • Cracked or leaky pipes
  • Any blockages and the location of it
  • Collapsed drain pipe somewhere in the system 
  • Tree roots growing into the pipes

Having a full CCTV survey is a quick and non-invasive way to identify any potential problems which could have an impact on the price you pay for a property or the work the sellers need to undertake first. So it’s definitely in your best interest to invest in a CCTV Survey before you invest in a property. 


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