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Our incredible team made it to the finish line!

We are so proud of our team and to work alongside such an inspiring cause. “I Can and I Am”  is a wonderful charity that we will continue to work with and support in the future.

Anthony Dutton, Operations Manager for I Can and I Am, had this to say:

“Massive thanks to Metro Rod for so generously supporting our rowing adventure. We are indebted to sponsors like these who allow these things to happen, and our team look forward to working with the MR team in the future to help young people in our area and beyond.

The row itself provided the full range of emotions we’d been warned to expect – apprehension, excitement, exhilaration, fatigue, reflection, elation and many more. While all shattered by the end, we’d all learnt a lot about ourselves, the value of preparation and most importantly teamwork.

Would we do it again? Give us a few days to think about it!”

Now it’s time for our team to put their feet up, pop the kettle on and relax for the day. Challenge. Completed