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Global Recycling Day is now an annual awareness day, created to provide people around the world with ongoing education about the importance of recycling.

This year’s theme is ‘Recycling Heroes’ which aims to recognise people and businesses who go out of their way to recycle properly to help care for the environment.

Here at Metro Rod, we believe that waste disposal as a whole is key to protecting our planet. So, we’ve created some top tips for how your business can get involved with not just Global Recycling Day but correct waste disposal as a whole.

Ditch the non-recyclables

There is now an expectation of businesses, particularly in the hospitality sector to ditch the plastics.

Swapping to biodegradable, recyclable or reusable alternatives for straws, plates, cutlery and takeaway cups can drastically reduce the dangerous waste your business creates which currently ends up in the landfill.

Invest in the right bins

You can improve how your business’ waste is disposed of by investing in the right bins for the job.

Veolia, commercial waste experts, provide bins for different types of waste including plastics, glass, food waste and single-use coffee cups.

Separating your waste from the start of the disposal process helps to ensure it is reused and recycled where possible further down the line.

Don’t pour food waste down the sink

Disposing of food waste incorrectly can be both damaging and costly. Pouring fat, oil, grease and food waste down the sink can cause blockages in your drains and contributes towards the build of fatbergs in our sewers.

Putting fat, oil, grease and food waste into a bin before washing pots, pans and plates can help minimise how much ends up down the drains. A grease trap is also a recommended measure to catch this waste before it can reach the drain.

Ensure any septic tank waste is disposed of by professionals

If your business is responsible for a septic tank then ensuring the waste is disposed of by a professional is a must.

We have a fleet of specialist tankers that can empty septic tanks and dispose of the waste in a way that is compliant with current laws.

Only flush the 3 Ps

An essential part of proper waste disposal for any business is ensuring staff and customers only flush the ‘3 Ps’ – pee, poo and paper.

Anything else being flushed down the toilet can cause blockages, once again contributing towards fatbergs.

We’ve designed a poster for your toilet doors that reminds the user of the 3 Ps. You can download it here.

Recycling and proper waste disposal is a group effort. Every business needs to do their bit to help the bigger picture.

For help with grease traps, septic tank emptying and other drain care services, get in touch with your local Metro Rod depot today.

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