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Drain care to the hospitality sector is one of Metro Rod Slough’s major areas of activity and we work for many Hotel Maintenance Managers and Restaurant Facilities Managers.The hotel industry is an important part of the Slough area economy with the thriving economy and proximity to London meaning hotel rooms are very much in demand from both business and leisure travellers.

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Alongside these many hotels is a thriving restaurant and pub economy as visitors, and the residents of Slough, Reading, Maidenhead, Marlow, Henley, Windsor, Caversham, Woodley, Newbury and all parts of the Thames Valley enjoy themselves choosing from the many varieties of cuisines on offer.

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A brief glance at popular reviews site Trip Advisor indicates there are some 170 restaurants and 50 hotels in Slough alone which illustrates the size of the sector. Furthermore maintenance of a free-flowing drainage systems is absolutely crucial to any hospitality business where not only will toilet facilities be subjected to high usage, and potential misuse leading to blocked toilets, but where food preparation inevitable leads to issues with “FOG” (fats, oils and grease) building up within drain pipes and eventually causing blocked drains.

Metro Rod Slough’s team are experienced in providing appropriate drain care support to this sector of the economy with our key services to hotels including:

  • pre-planned maintenance cleans of site drainage. These involve us in visiting hotels, restaurants and pubs  at regular, agreed, intervals to ensure risk of blocked drains and blocked toilets from build-up of deposits or unwanted objects in drains is prevented by a regular drain cleaning regime. Typically our engineers will descale all internal pipework using electro-mechanical cleaning equipment and will also flush out all drains using our powerful and effective high pressure water jetting equipment.
  • emergency clearance of blocked drains and blocked toilets on a 24/7 basis. A pre-planned drain maintenance regime will greatly reduce the risk of unexpected blockages disrupting a hospitality business but there is still the risk that blockages can occur, typically because of “misuse” where unstable objects or materials are introduced into the drainage system. At Metro Rod Slough our skilled drainage engineers clear the large majority of blockages within one hour as a first-time fix.
  • CCTV drain survey to view the inside of drains and correctly diagnose the cause of persistent problems
  • Tanker services to remove larger quantities of waste. The emptying of grease traps from hotel and restaurant kitchens can require tanker attendance and Metro Rod Slough can arrange this.
  • Repair of damaged drains, typically employing “no-dig” techniques to minimise cost and disruption

By ensuring drains remain free-flowing and effective, whether internal or external, Metro Rod’s work ensures that Slough and Thames Valley hotel, restaurant and pub businesses can operate at full capacity. Our engineers operate to the highest safety standards and are equipped with and fully trained in the latest drain unblocking, cleaning and repair technology. We guarantee our customers in Slough, Berkshire and the Thames Valley a safe, professional and honest service day and night.

Are you responsible for hotel, restaurant, cafe or pub premises in the Slough area or anywhere in the Thames Valley ?  Contact Metro Rod Slough today to arrange a free-of-charge no-obligation site assessment. We will visit your site and have a friendly and professional discussion about the best approach to drain care

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