McDonald’s Huddersfield

9th October 2018 - in Bradford, Huddersfield, Leeds, Wakefield, West Yorkshire

We just had some plumbing work carried out by a member of your team -Terry Moore at Metro Rod West Yorkshire. I would just like to say this gentleman is an asset to your business. The quality of work considering the job at hand was fantastic and he was a delight to deal with.

Nomaan Iqbal



9th May 2017 - in Bradford, Huddersfield, Leeds, Wakefield, West Yorkshire

"Metro Rod have always provided a quality service at short notice. The timescale of the engineers arrival has always been either the same day or the next. Only a slight issue - the out of hours number takes us to a national switchboard - perhaps the on call member of staff could be used to contact your depot/engineer"



9th May 2017 - in Bradford, Huddersfield, Leeds, Wakefield, West Yorkshire

"Within my role I have been dealing with Metro Rod West Yorkshire for the past 2 years and I have had no issues with the services they provide for the college. From surveys to emergency call-outs Metro Rod have aided the Kirklees College to the best of their ability to suit the nature of our requirements. The staff are a pleasure to work with on-site and over the phone and provide detailed information about the work that has been carried out and any further maintenence the college would benefit from."

Mr R - MetroRod Customer


9th May 2017 - in Bradford, Huddersfield, Leeds, Wakefield, West Yorkshire

"You will be pleased to know, we are always very happy with your service, your cherrie voice (Judy Milburn, Marketing Manager), and Terry (Service Engineer) is always so professional polite and considerate to our tenants. It is a pleasure having him on site. We are totally happy and certainly not planning to look at an alternative provider. KEEP UP WITH THE GREAT WORK"

Mrs G - MetroRod Customer


8th January 2017 - in Bradford, Huddersfield, Leeds, Wakefield, West Yorkshire

I received a call from a Mrs D, she said “I was at Waitrose (Metro Rod attend any drainage and plumbing issues for Waitrose) today to do my weekly shopping, I was in the car park and saw an engineer who came from one of your Metro Rod Vans. In passing I said to him that I was having problems with my en-suite, I had tried the leading brand to unblock the drains and got nowhere. Yorkshire Water had been out and said it wasn’t them. The smells were unbearable.

I went into the store to do my shopping, a few minutes later the young man (Adam our Engineers is very pleased with the description) came and found me in the store. He gave me your company’s literature that he keeps on his van and said that you would be able to investigate the smells. I was amazed that someone this day and age took the time out to come and find me to explain what Metro Rod can do for me. I am ringing to book for him to come out if possible?”

I booked for Adam to return to Mrs D the very next day. He attended and carried out some investigations to find out that they had a vent pipe missing. This was causing the smells to go back up the stack pipe into the house. He recommended that we change the pipework so that this doesn’t happen. He used his aqua vac to remove any debris that may be adding to the problem then disinfected the pipework. We will be returning to replace the pipework at a later date.

What a pleasure to hear from a customer on how helpful our engineers are, we know ourselves that we often go that extra mile an exceed customers’ expectations but unfortunately not everyone takes the time to let us know.

Engineer: Adam Garside

Mrs D

Respectful of my Home

8th January 2017 - in Bradford, Huddersfield, Leeds, Wakefield

Our engineer was called out to a blocked soil stack which was affecting the shower and toilet. Once investigated he mechanically rodded the stack to clear the blockage.
Mr O took the time to call us with some feedback…


“I wanted to ring to say what a fantastic job your engineer did at my house today. He was quick, but very careful and respectful of my home. He explained what he was doing and why. It was a difficult job due to the access. He was patient and used fortitude to keep going, it is a long time since I have been impressed with a contractor so wanted to call.”


I thanked him for his time, not everyone takes the time to call us with feedback.
Please feel free to call with any feedback we are happy to take on board any positive criticism and I can assure you we will act upon it.

MR 'O'

Major Issue

8th January 2017 - in Bradford, Huddersfield, Leeds, Wakefield

Metro Rod was called out to recurring blocked internal drains at a gym, where on the last occasion, the blockage flooded the whole gym (fault on pipe work).

We could not easily clear the drain so needed to come back with 2 men and 3 x extra drums of 22mm cable (off 3 vans) to emc pipe work. The gym didn’t want to split the pipework because doing so would take 2 men 8 hours (including picking up cable from other engineers) and as an emergency, it would need doing ASAP.

Our engineer attended and high-pressure water jetted for over 2 hours, using 4 tanks of water during this process. He also used the mini jetter but the blockage would not move.

Our engineer has been in the drainage business for over 5 years so is a very experienced engineer.

We received the email below following our engineer's visit:

"Thanks for your prompt attendance last night.

I have just been informed that the landlord for the property is taking over this major issue, as it comes under his jurisdiction and he is dealing with it himself, so we won’t need your team to attend today.

Also, I have been asked to pass on comments from the 3 Pure Gym managers that were in attendance last night. They said that your engineer worked so hard to try to clear the blockage, and they have praised his efforts and his prompt action. They said he went over and beyond, was a credit to you and did everything he possibly could last night. They thank him very much. Please can you pass this on from them."

Adam Garside - PURE GYM