The number of people in employment is on the rise. An increase in the number of people occupying workspaces – offices, retail stores, factories and more – automatically raises the costs of running, repairing and maintaining these buildings when it comes to heating and cooling, electricity and water.

Elsewhere, there is increased awareness of the impact the human footprint and irresponsible disposal of non-biodegradable items at home is having on the environment around us, and many are actively changing their family’s habits to reflect this. However, this is not currently being translated into the workplace.

When you consider the number of hours we spend in the workplace, there is significant potential that our collective activity at work has been impacting the environment more than we ever previously realised.

To fully understand the impact UK workforces are having on the environment, on both a local and national level, we undertook research with 2,000 people in full or part time employment to see if there is any disparity between home and workplace habits.

Download our guide to find out more, as well as information on how you and your workforce can begin having a more positive impact on the environment by making just a few small changes.