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10th November 2020


If you need to unblock a drain, you’ll want to catch it early to prevent worse and more costly damage. 

toilet unblocking doncaster

Blocked drains are sometimes unavoidable due to a natural build up of scum and grease which makes its way down our drains. Therefore, it’s goo to know the telling signs of a blockage so that you can quickly unblock a drain and prevent it from mothballing. To help you understand what you are looking for when it comes to needing to unblock a drain, here are some of the most common signs. 

Slow draining sinks, showers, bathtubs etc.

When you pull the plug out of the sink or bath, is the water taking an abnormally long time to drain away? If the answer is yes, then you probably have something causing a blocked drain in the system. The same is true if you find water pooling at your feet whilst in the shower. Overtime it is normal for there to be a build-up of scale in your pipes which will constrict the flow of water, this can be made worse when things like food scraps and hair are accidentally washed down the drain as well. 

Unpleasant odours

Unpleasant odours are a sign that something is wrong within your drainage system, it could been there’s a blockage or in a more serious case, you may have a broken or leaking pipe. Blockages are normally made up of the waste from toilets and sinks, including bits of food, wet wipes and solidified fats. Over time these blockages will start to smell and creep into your house which isn’t pleasant. 

Rising toilet water

If you flush your toilet and find the water doesn’t go down, it simply fills up the toilet bowl, it can be quite disconcerting as you worry over what to do next. Rising toilet water is a clear sign that you have a blocked pipe so don’t try flushing again as you may risk the water spilling onto the floor. Instead put some newspaper down to protect your floors and you can try to unblock it yourself. 

    • If you know what is blocking your toilet you can try to unblock it by reaching in, whilst wearing long rubber gloves and pulling the object out. If it is too far in and you cannot reach then you might need to call Metro Rod Mid Wales to help you. 
    • A second option you can try is using a toilet plunger and placing it so the hole is completely covered and then gently begin to push and pull to to loosen the blockage. Once the blockage is loose, pull it out and place it in a strong bag with no holes. With the blockage removed your toilet should flush normally, you can check by putting a small amount of toilet paper in the toilet and flushing it.


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