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31st October 2020


Today is Halloween and Metro Rod North London wanted to get in the spirit and tell you about some of the scary things that could be down your drains.

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Most of the time when you have a problem with your drains we will find their to be a common cause, maybe it’s a build up of fat and grease and other scum, maybe there’s a small leak. But there have been times when engineers have investigated drains and found some strange things down there.

A Sewer Monster

In 2009 a video of a North Carolina drain went viral, the video showed a large, pink, pulsating mass attached to the drains. Many thought looked like some weird alien monster - terrifying! But upon further investigation it was found to be a mass of worms that had somehow managed to make their way into the drain to live. 


This one might not be scary but it is definitely exciting - there has been estimates of about 1 million dollars of precious materials washed down the drain each year. Most of this will be due to jewellery and rings being lost down the drains making it very hard to ever recover them again. So unfortunately there may be small fortune lying at the bottom of our drains and sewers that no one will ever find.


Severn Trent Water responded to reports of a fishy smell coming from the sewers in Shropshire. When they investigated they found a number of dead piranhas lurking in the waters. Piranhas aren’t your average pet fish and at 10 inches long each its quite surprising they were able to be flushed down the drain at all!

An Alligator 

In New York, USA, there is an urban legend that the city’s sewers are full of alligators, people were led to believe that baby alligators were often bought as pets before they realised they were dangerous reptiles. They were then flushed down the drains, where they can now breed and thrive in the sewers. Whilst scientists insist that the conditions of the drains would not allow for the alligators to live for long, one was found in East Harlem in 1935 down a manhole, how it got there, no one knows.

People Found Living In Sewers

Las Vegas, the city where you can probably find just about anything, including people living in sewers. Part of the Las Vegas sewers have been turned into an underground home for around 1000 people. The homeless community that are now living there have certainly made a home for themselves, collecting unwanted furniture to create their own way of life.


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