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23rd June 2021


A CCTV Drain Survey uses a small camera to film inside your property’s drainage system to provide us with an accurate and full picture on the condition of your drains and pipes.

Cctv Surveys

Metro Rod Aberdeen are proud to say we are experts in carrying out our CCTV Drain Surveys, we use the latest iTouch Live technology to provide real time inspections which are carefully monitored by our engineers at your property. They are then able to assess and give a full report on their findings, noting any problems you may have and the best course of action to correct them. 

When is a CCTV Drain Survey necessary?

If you constantly find yourself with reoccurring blocked drains then a CCTV Drain Survey with Metro Rod Aberdeen is the next step to take. We know most of the time you will try to unblock a sink or drain yourself, but often the DIY methods are not fully effective in removing the whole blockage which means you are more susceptible to future blockages. By having a CCTV Drain Survey we will be able to locate and work out what is causing your blocked drains, allowing us to treat it in the most effective way for a more longterm solution. 

You may also be interested in having a CCTV Drain Survey when looking at buying a new property to save yourself from any nasty shocks later. Not only will it give you the full picture on the condition of you potential new properties drains but it’s a required part of a general home survey that mortgage and insurance companies will ask for. If we find out there is something wrong with the property’s drains before you buy it then it can fall under the current owners responsibility to fix or it could help you negotiate a lower sale price. 

What might we find?

Our CCTV Drain Surveys can spot a number of problems including:

  • Cracked or leaking pipes 
  • Any blockages and the location
  • Collapsed drain pipe
  • Tree roots growing the pipes

Having a full CCTV Drain Survey is the best way to identify any problems, even small ones so they can be fixed before they moth-ball into something more serious and costly. If this sounds like something you could benefit from then get in contact with Metro Rod Aberdeen today. 


Metro Rod Aberdeen offer services from dealing with blocked drains, drain repair, CCTV surveys and septic tank maintenance. We believe in simple things and make sure we follow them through; available 24/7, professional, value for money service during and after the job and peace of mind in the fact that all our engineers are highly trained, DBS checked and fully insured.

Make sure you get in touch with us through any of the following:

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Get in touch with us via email: [email protected] 

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We any drainage needs, we are the drainage experts. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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