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Drain care issues make headlines in London……Metro Rod advice for business and residents

31st October 2019

Drain care issues make headlines in London……Metro Rod advice for business and residents

London drain advice

Drain care and unblocking drains is not something which hits the headlines in London too often given the plethora of perhaps more exciting topics which grab the attention in the capital each day. However this week we have once again seen newspaper headlines created by the problems associated with the build up on unwelcome materials in the London drainage and sewer network.

CLICK ON THE LINK AND Read here about the astonishing bus-sized fatberg which the London water authority, Thames Water, have removed from one mainline sewer

and this is, in effect, an extreme manifestation of a problem which Metro Rod Central London's drainage engineers encounter every day when unblocking drains for business and residential customers in London.

When items such as wet-wipes are introduced into a drainage system which is not designed for anything other than waste water, human waste and toilet paper, problems will always ultimately result.

In the case of high profile cases such as the one highlighted here the issue has come to light in the mainline sewer , further down the line from individual site drainage systems, but at Metro Rod Central London we deal every single day with the same problem occurring "higher up" the system, nearer to the source and within the boundaries of our customers' properties and, therefore, their problem and their responsibility.

On a typical day we will deal with blocked drains, blocked toilet sand blocked sinks right across London, from Stratford and Dulwich in the East, through the City of London, Westminster, Knightsbridge and Kensington and Ealing and Acton in the West. A majority of these blockages, which cost businesses time and money, are caused by the same process which produces the headline-grabbing monster fatberg.

When FOG (Fats, oil and grease) accummulates in your drains it will coalesce with any other non-biodegradeable solid items introduced into the system and form these unpleasant and obstructive masses. A fatberg does not need to be the size of a bus, or even a bus wheel, to block a single drain and the cost and consequence of business interruption due to blockages can be very severe.

Fortunately we are on hand both to react on an emergency basis to any blockage in London and to carry out planned preventative maintenance visits for any high usage sites to ensure drains are regularly cleaned.

The best advice we can give is to bin, not flush, anything other than waste water, human waste or toilet paper and on no account introduce fat/oil/grease from cooking or wet-wipes into your drainage system.

Don't just take our word for it..............read here why you should never introduce wet-wipes into your home or commercial site drainage system


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