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Drainage is Important in Construction – Metro Rod West Yorkshire

5th August 2019

Drainage is Important in Construction – Metro Rod West Yorkshire

Drainage is Important in Construction

Metro Rod West Yorkshire have over 30 years’ experience within construction and groundworks. All our engineers have top knowledge and experience whilst also being equipped with the latest technology and skills.

There are new developments and construction projects every day whether it’s building a new shopping centre or housing estate, extensions and refurbishments on housing, conversions of barns to businesses or crucial roadworks: all our engineers carry CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) cards and are fully equipped and trained. Metro Rod West Yorkshire operates to the highest health and safety standards so that our engineers and your staff will be safe whilst we operate.


“We are really proud of the way our engineers pull together to help and support each other, and our customers. They strive to deliver excellent customer service and have the professional training and experience to ensure they can deliver above expectations. All our engineers are CRB/DBS checked and fully trained to the highest standards. We are confident that we have a strong and reliable team. Our engineers have a determination that is second to none; to get the job done safely, timely and cost effective for our customers.” – Dave Carter, Franchisee.


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Our clients in construction trust us for both large and small repairs and investigations as well as installations.

Tanker Services

Industrial sites may produce trade effluent (any liquid waste discharged into our sewers from a business or industrial process). Construction sites often need regular cleaning and inspections to ensure against ground contamination through defective drains. With our vacuum and jetting tankers we can clean larger drains and sewers to meet legal obligations. Tankers are designed for the removal of debris and cleaning of large sewers. Rather than using high pressures to blast through blockages, tankers use high flows at lower pressures which ensures thorough cleaning quickly.

CCTV Surveys

Metro Rod West Yorkshire can provide CCTV Surveys enabling us to view and annotate footage of drainage systems. The CCTV Surveys can provide clients with a clear and concise plan, showing the competence of the facilities and highlighting any existing faults or potential threats in the future. For a clear insight into the drainage before/after construction starts, give Metro Rod West Yorkshire a call.

Innovative iTouch System

The iTouch Live CCTV System, for example, allows us to provide completely transparent and virtual, real-time reports directly to you. Using iTouch Live, the data collected from site is streamed in real time to the local office for processing. In most cases, your inspection report has already progressed to the next step before our engineer has finished packing up his tools. With geography no longer a factor, our team of technical support managers are also able to provide instant technical assistance to each of our local offices, ensuring that even the most complex of cases is analysed efficiently.

All of this means that we can conclude each of our inspection reports far more quickly than before, allowing us to closely evaluate the problem and report back to you on the most effective solutions to your problem. Each report can be delivered instantly through our live web portal, or should you prefer, we can still place a printed copy and a DVD in the post to you.

As an alternative to the iTouch Live CCTV surveys, we can also offer reports using the traditional WINCAN reporting software.

Renovate and Installation

Using our expert iTouch system, we can survey drains that vary in diameter from 100mm to 1000mm. This can range from stormwater drains to deep drains for agricultural operations. We are also experienced in working with a variety of drainage systems, including clay, plastic, and concrete.

Drain Repair

Collapsed pipes whether caused by frozen pipes, wear and tear or root ingress, Metro Rod Leeds, Wakefield, Bradford and Huddersfield aim to restore your drains back to their full functionality. Following our CCTV Surveys that examine the cause and extent of the damage, our professional engineers will work efficiently to repair or replace your drains.

There are multiple methods of drain repair available. All our drain repair techniques are approved by local Water Authorities and the Water Research Centre (WRC). Metro Rod Leeds, Wakefield, Bradford and Huddersfield have an exceptional reputation for providing effective, first time fix drain repair. No-dig drain repair service doesn’t require any excavations and instead consists of various lining techniques which are a speedy, reliable fix. Metro Rod Leeds, Wakefield, Bradford and Huddersfield have developed and perfected the techniques to provide the most cost-effective and efficient solutions.

LSRs (Localised Structural Repairs):

  • Patch liners: this drain repair offers a cost-effective solution to fix individual defects within a drain.
  • Ambient Cured Lining: this type of drain repair consists of both full and partial lining of drains to cover multiple defects.
  • Heat Cured Lining: Like Ambient Cured Lining, this is drain repair for pipes with a large diameter or if there is increasing resistance to chemical attack required.
  • Excavation: This is the most traditional method of drain repair and replacement. This method is used for new drains, drain replacement, to rectify collapsed drains or to gain access to lining repairs.


Demolition is the dismantling, destroying or wrecking of any building or structure. Metro Rod can help with your demolition requirements quickly, safely and efficiently.

Building conversions

From lofts and basements to barns and warehouses, we can also help with implementing conversions in your business!


If you’d like more information on CCTV Surveys or drain repair in construction, and you’re in the West Yorkshire area, visit the Metro Rod West Yorkshire page to get in touch with our friendly team.

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