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Get Your Drainage Building Regulations Right!

12th January 2023

Get Your Drainage Building Regulations Right!

Get Your Drainage Building Regulations Right!

Here Is Everything You Need To Know

How drainage is installed and works within the buildings we occupy and use daily is bound by government legislation, meaning it’s essential to get it right if you’re working on a building project.

Part H of the country’s building regulations controls drainage and associated pipework to protect our properties and wellbeing. That’s because drainage systems that don’t work correctly can cause wastewater and effluent to enter or even flood our homes, which can seriously harm our health and result in pollution.

What Does Part H of the Building Regulations Say?

Drainage systems will only pass Part H of the regulations if they can adequately carry foul water from appliances within a property to a public sewer, private sewer or septic tank.

Foul water, in this case, refers to water from a toilet, bidet and other water-based appliances. It also includes water used for food preparation, cooking and washing. For example sinks, dishwashers, waste disposal units and washing machines.

The regulations also specify how drainage systems, including pipes and traps, should be sized and installed to prevent foul water from entering our properties. For example, it states:

  • New soil and vent pipes (which connect kitchen fittings to drains) must be adequately ventilated
  • Waste pipes and traps must be appropriately sized and specified to minimise damage and prevent foul drainage smells from entering a property.
  • The solution put in place must work to minimise flooding inside a building or in the vicinity of it.
  • Pipework must be accessible to clear blockages with a rodding eye at every change in direction.
  • Pipework must also be airtight and fitted at the correct gradient to allow wastewater to drain properly.
  • Materials and workmanship should be of a high standard.

When Do I Need To Think About Part H of the Building Regulations?

If you’re having a kitchen built in a new part of the house or are creating a new utility room, you definitely need building regulations approval. Because of the complexity of drainage regulations, you should always hire an experienced drainage engineer to support you and ensure your project is both compliant and safe.


No More Drainage Building Regulations Headaches

Our team of drainage experts will work with you. So, no more headaches about drainage building regulations; we ensure that your project meets all the regulations and is designed and installed correctly.

Available 24/7/365, our engineers are here to help and support your drainage needs. Whether that’s help with a new project or a drainage emergency – give us a call today!

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